Car dealers gave Joe Biden this devastating reality check about electric vehicles

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexel

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle revolution has run into a ditch.  

Now he’s getting a first-hand lesson on what a disaster his Bidenmobiles have been. 

And car dealers gave Joe Biden this devastating reality check about electric vehicles.

Car dealer gives the inside scoop on electric vehicles

President Joe Biden and his administration have been making a taxpayer-funded sales pitch for electric vehicles since he took office.

And they poured hundreds of billions of dollars into subsidies for automakers and tax credits for buyers to speed up the transition to electric.

Despite the government’s cheerleading, drivers don’t want to pay through the nose for these impractical Bidenmobiles.

Jersey City Autoland owner Abdul Cummings told Fox News Digital that not many buyers are interested in electric vehicles at his used car lot.

His customers are worried about their range.

“There’s a lot of range phobia when it comes to electric vehicles,” Cummings said. “I think that’s still the main obstacle.”

Cummings added that public charging stations are still few and far between in most parts of the country.

Biden vowed to ramp up the construction of public charging stations with a goal of building 500,000 by 2030 with his bloated 2021 infrastructure bill.

But only seven charging stations have been built in two years with the $7.5 billion allocated by the bill. 

Department of Energy data shows that new charging stations nationally have mostly been built in a handful of heavily-populated states like California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida.

Electric vehicles are impractical for drivers

Cummings said that electric vehicles shouldn’t be the only car for a family and that they’re not reliable for long trips.

“I wouldn’t take my wife and kids down to the shore for a two-week vacation with an electric vehicle,” Cummings added. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable. You know, in any situation, many things can happen. I wouldn’t feel safe.”

He pointed out that the promised savings of not having to pay for gas with electricity never materialized for him.

Cummings explained that his gasoline-powered RAM truck and an electric Volkswagen ID.4 he bought for his lot had the same cost per mile traveled.

“I thought that was really funny. When you see that the whole narrative that gets pushed down on the consumer, when you try to apply it in real life, it just doesn’t have that,” Cummings stated. 

Because drivers don’t want to buy electric vehicles voluntarily, Biden is going to use the heavy hand of government force to make them switch.

His Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new tailpipe emission standards that will create a de facto electric vehicle mandate.

Nearly 60% of new vehicles sold will be electric by 2032 to comply with the rule, and the price of the remaining gasoline-powered models will be through the roof.

Cummings said that the federal government’s push has been too much too soon.

“Also, it takes us away from looking at other ideas that can also solve some of the problems we face in the auto industry,” Cummings explained. “I like to stay positive, but I don’t think the way the decision-makers would imagine it would be in 2030 or 2035, as promised—I think that’s highly, highly unachievable.”

The American people want nothing to do with Joe Biden’s electric vehicle scheme. 

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