Top contender on Trump’s Vice President shortlist made one insane confession

SPC Jamaal Warner, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is getting ready to pick his running mate.

Many in the Republican Party are jockeying for the position.

But a top contender on Trump’s Vice President shortlist made one insane confession.

Grisly story tanks career

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem positioned herself as a strong contender to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

She did not run against him in the GOP primary, and she quickly endorsed him.

Noem also kept her state open doing COVID, and the fact that she is a woman could help Trump with suburban voters.

But Noem just blew her chances with the release of her memoir, No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.

Contemporary political biographies tend to be underwhelming boilerplate, but Noem included gruesome stories about how she killed her family dog and goat.

Bye, bye, Cricket

Noem went into detail about how she took a shotgun and put down the family dog, Cricket.

“Cricket was a wirehaired pointer, about 14 months old,” Noem wrote.

Noem explained that Cricket was excitable and difficult to control.

During a stop at a family farm, Cricket killed the owners’ chickens by “grabb[ing] one chicken at a time, crunching it to death with one bite, then dropping it to attack another.”

Noem said that Cricket behaved like “a trained assassin.”

The Governor said she squared things with the family by paying them “for the price they asked, and helped them dispose of the carcasses littering the scene of the crime.”

Having to put down a family dog is not uncommon, but Noem almost seemed to relish in it.

She wrote in her own memoir, “I hated that dog,” declaring Cricket “untrainable” and “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with” and “less than worthless as a hunting dog.”

Noem continued, “At that moment. . .I realized I had to put her down.”

She did not put the dog down because it was rabid or terminally ill or mortally wounded; Noem did it because she “hated that dog.”

Noem added, “It was not a pleasant job. . .but it had to be done. And after it was over, I realized another unpleasant job needed to be done.”

Noem also had to kill a goat that smelled bad and chased after her kids.

The South Dakota Governor described the goat as “nasty and mean” and said that it smelled “disgusting, musky, rancid” and “loved to chase” her kids.

Noem again “dragged him to a gravel pit” for execution, as she did with Cricket.

Noem noted that the first blast did not kill the goat, so she got another shotgun shell and “hurried back to the gravel pit and put him down.”

The book gave a clue as to why she included these stories; Noem wrote that construction crews witnessed her killing the two animals.

It’s understandable that Noem wanted to beat her enemies to the punch by getting ahead of the story.

What does not make sense is portraying herself as a borderline sociopath.

Perhaps she thought she needed to make herself appear “tough.”

Amid backlash, Noem tried to frame the criticism as simply coming from the Left.

She wrote on social media, “We love animals, but tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm. Sadly, we just had to put down 3 horses a few weeks ago that had been in our family for 25 years.”

Noem might have been able to survive the rumors of an alleged affair with Corey Lewandowski, but blasting farm animals with a shotgun might have been a bridge too far for voters.

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