About Informed American

The legacy media has duped too many Americans into believing their Fake News nonsense.

Meanwhile, social media platforms are labeling everything their puppet masters disagree with politically as “misinformation.”

They’re even outright banning patriotic Americans from their platforms for simply asking questions.

Sadly, many conservatives and concerned citizens simply don’t know where to turn to get reliable information.

That’s why we created Informed American.

Our goal is to report the cold hard facts behind the top political stories everyday Americans care about and expose the truth about the Fake News Media’s lies.

Not long ago, a prominent MSNBC anchor let the mask slip, claiming that it’s “our job” to “control what people think.”

From launching smear campaigns against patriotic Americans to covering for radical protesters destroying American cities and even trying to erase the history of our nation’s founding, the Fake News Media is doing everything in their power to divide America.

The only way you and I can stop this madness is by staying informed and armed with the facts.

Informed American strives to:

  • Keep our readers informed about the hottest stories in politics.
  • Stand up for America’s founding principles – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Never pull any punches when it comes to reporting the facts.
  • Expose the legacy media’s lies.

Exposing Media Bias and the Truth Behind Top Political Stories

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