This Washington, D.C., grocery store just rolled out this extreme measure to cut shoplifting

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Thanks to liberals defunding the police and pro-crime measures, retail theft is going through the roof because criminals know they won’t be held accountable for brazen theft.

Many retailers have just closed their stores for good because the stores can’t make a profit.

Now in Washington, D.C., this grocery store is going to add this extreme measure to try and stop shoplifting.

Washington, D.C., Harris Teeter store is beefing up security

Washington D.C. has become a cesspool of crime, such as carjackings, vehicle theft, and retail theft.

Faced with this surge in crime, Harris Teeter is making major changes to protect themselves from losses due to theft.

One thing the store is now doing is requiring all customers to show their receipts before leaving the store.

The company told Fox News Digital, “Harris Teeter is committed to providing the highest quality, freshest products to all customers in the communities we serve. Ensuring a safe environment for both our customers and our valued associates is critical.”

The store is also banning customers from carrying suitcases, large duffel bags, and oversized backpacks.

“These measures will help us maintain a safe shopping experience and continue providing the best services and goods at competitive prices to our customers. We thank our valued associates and customers for their cooperation and patience,” the company added.

Harris Teeter is just one example of stores in the area taking measures to prevent theft.

A Safeway grocery store recently installed new safety gates after a group of three criminals broke into an ATM and ran off with the cash.

And a nearby CVS shut down because they were losing too much money due to theft.

Residents are up in arms at the out-of-control crime in the District.

A Giant grocery store recently announced it will stop selling certain brands after losing over half a million dollars to theft.

Crime is getting worse in Washington, D.C.

In recent years, crime has skyrocketed in the District.

According to the Washington Post, police logged 13,000 theft incidents last year, a 23% increase from the year prior.

That figure doesn’t include vehicle thefts and items stolen from vehicles.

The D.C. city council recently passed a bill that would increase penalties for organized retail theft and gun crimes.

Mayor Muriel Bowser recently defended the city’s reputation, citing a 17% decrease in violent crime and an overall decrease in overall crime, though many have questioned this because fewer people are bothering to report crimes anymore.

But crime is clearly having an impact on retailers in the District.

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