This viral TikTok video perfectly shows the frustration of Biden’s economic impact

Inflation is putting the pinch on every American. Rent, food, cars, and medical care costs are rising faster than salaries. But beyond just dealing with the economic reality, it is causing real frustration and depression,...

This once-popular food trend is now disappearing at a rapid pace

Governments shut down restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many owners quickly pivoted to...

Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom just got an earful from these ex-auto execs about why they are wrong

Liberal government officials continue to try and force citizens to buy electric vehicles, but...

Illegal aliens have turned this once nice neighborhood street into a massive criminal enterprise

New York City is descending into absolute anarchy.  Looting is rampant and violence is...

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It’s time to stock up on this sweet treat according to economists

The price of everything is going up thanks to Biden’s inflation, but a bad crop can cause a huge price spike in certain commodities. For instance, two years ago a bird flu caused egg prices...

Mike Rowe just had the perfect name for a college diploma

For years, Mike Rowe has been diligently encouraging young people to quit thinking they...

This fast-food chain owner won’t rip off her customers because of this new law

The new minimum wage law in California has caused many fast food chains to...

This famous Star Wars actor refuses to be a victim and it shocked Bill Maher

Comedian and television host Bill Maher has always pushed a leftist idea where he...

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