Melania Trump made one bold statement after the horrifying assassination attempt on her husband

Donald Trump escaped an assassin’s bullet by the narrowest of margins. In one moment, the entire Presidential race was turned upside down. And Melania Trump made one bold statement after the horrifying assassination attempt on her...

A woman and her baby were kicked off a plane by a male flight attendant for this infuriating reason

A widowed Texas mother and her baby just wanted to go home. But their journey...

Michael Douglas made one comment that left the co-hosts of The View in utter disbelief

Michael Douglas is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, with a career...

Barron Trump finally attended one of his father’s rallies and what happened next will stun you

Barron Trump is no longer a little kid. The 18-year-old now stands 6’7” tall. And Barron...

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Donald Trump yelled one word after getting shot that even had Democrats applauding

The Left despise Donald Trump with every fiber of their being.  It even has a name, “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Their hatred of Trump has virtually no limit and they are always looking for any excuse...

One popular viral skin care product online contains a very weird ingredient

From hot fashion styles to trending makeup products, viral items can quickly take the...

This woke California company went to war with Ron DeSantis and was crushed in Florida

There has been a mass exodus of people and businesses from oppressive California to...

McDonald’s let it be known this fan favorite is going back on the menu

McDonald’s is the 500-pound gorilla of fast-food. Its menu has continued to evolve with America’s...

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