What just happened to Adam Schiff might just cost him the election to the Senate

United States Senate, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is giving up his seat to run for the open US Senate seat.

Many establishment Democrats want to reward him for his continued unsubstantiated attacks on Trump for colluding with Russia.

But Schiff’s Senate campaign just hit a major snag that ironically points out the whole problem with the Democratic agenda that might cost him the election.

Out-of-control crime in blue strongholds

Like many of his fellow Democrats, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) spent the last eight years trying to jail former President Donald Trump for make-believe crimes while ignoring real crimes.

Schiff claimed that he had the evidence of Russian collusion, but never delivered the goods because they did not exist.

Now Schiff found himself as the latest victim of pro-crime Democrats refusing to enforce the law in deep-blue cities.

Prior to a fundraiser at the San Francisco home of attorney Joe Cotchett, thugs broke into his car and stole his luggage leaving him with no suit for the event.

“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco,’” said Cotchett’s press agent Lee Houskeeper.

It’s outrageous that crime has become so commonplace, political figures are casual about it.

But it does not have to be like that.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Schiff said, “Yes, they took my bags. . .But I’m here to thank Joe.”

Crime in the Bay Area

Big box store Target recently announced it was closing three stores in the Bay Area: one in San Francisco, one in Oakland, and one in the Century Plaza Shopping Center.

Target said that rising crime rates were the cause of the location closures.

A statement from Target read, “In this case, we cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance. . .We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all.”

Stores and malls have been closing left and right in the area.

The Target statement concluded, “Despite our efforts, unfortunately, we continue to face fundamental challenges to operating these stores safely and successfully.”

Theft is a serious problem for Target in 2024.

Fox News reported that “Earlier this year, Target said it expected theft-related losses at its stores could top $1.2 billion this fiscal year. CEO Brian Cornell told analysts last month that violent incidents against Target workers jumped 120% for the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year.”

Despite the alarm bells ringing, city officials in the Bay Area have shown no signs of reversing course in terms of pro-crime policies.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao said, “I understand the challenges that Target is facing in cities across the country and I am disappointed by the news of its closure in Oakland. My goal is to continue working in partnership with members of the business community to help ensure their safety and success in our city.”

Governor Gavin Newsom himself witnessed theft during a trip to target.

During a virtual conference call, Newsom said before the meeting began, he witnessed a shoplifter drop an item, then “he comes back, picks it up, and keeps walking out. As we’re checking out, the woman says, ‘Oh, he’s just walking out. He didn’t pay for that.’ I said, ‘Why didn’t you stop [him]?’ She goes, ‘Oh, the governor.’ Swear to God. True story. On my mom’s grave. ‘The governor lowered the threshold. There’s no accountability’. . .I said, ‘That’s just not true. . .Where’s your manager? How are you blaming the governor?’ And it was, you know, $380 later, and I was like, ‘Why am I spending $380? Everyone can walk the hell right out.”

Democrats are flirting with getting a law-and-order Republican elected.

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