Thieves are going after this now that governments are destroying their currencies

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

As world governments continue to print money like there is no tomorrow, precious metals have become a more attractive option for people looking to hedge against inflation. 

As gold prices skyrocket, it is becoming the top target for savvy criminals. 

This gold heist just set a record as criminals get bolder because of high inflation and lax prosecutors. 

Canadian thieves just demonstrated the lengths people will go to get their hands on gold

As of Thursday, the price of gold sits at nearly $2,400 an ounce, meaning that even a small 10 oz bar of gold is worth roughly $25,000. 

Many experts believe that gold will only increase in value as world governments continue to spew out fiat currency. 

However, this also means that gold has become an even more attractive target for thieves. 

Last April, for example, thieves stole over 6,500 gold bars and millions of dollars in cash at Toronto Pearson Airport.

These gold bars were valued at $14.5 million at the time, making this heist the sixth largest of its kind in the world. 

On Wednesday, exactly one year after the heist, Canadian and American law enforcement officials announced an arrest and the issuing of nine warrants in direct relation to the record-setting heist. 

According to Reuters, “Canadian and U.S. authorities said on Wednesday six people have been arrested and three more are being sought in connection with what they called the largest gold heist in Canadian history — a cargo of over C$22 million ($16 million) in gold and currency,” adding, “The suspects, including two Air Canada employees, forged an airway bill to steal a cargo arriving from Switzerland of 6,600 gold bars weighing 400 kg (882 pounds) and C$2.5 million in foreign currency, police officials said.”

Officials believe that the gold bars have since been melted down, in an attempt to destroy the serial numbers on the gold bars.  As a result, law enforcement officials have only recovered six gold bracelets worth roughly $65,000, which represents a tiny fraction of the total gold stolen. 

Among the arrested suspects is the suspected driver of the heist, who was pulled over in a routine traffic stop. 

Police discovered 65 illegal firearms on this suspect, leading officials to believe that suspects used the stolen gold to obtain illegal firearms, which they would traffic all over the United States and Canada. 

Criminals have become more desperate and at the same time more emboldened

Crime has exploded all across the nation as radical left-wing District Attorneys refuse to hold criminals accountable for their actions. 

Instead, District Attorneys like Alvin Bragg have focused their resources on attacking Donald Trump and his supporters. 

Whether it is elaborate heists, or smash-and-grab robberies at Apple stores, western officials have lost control of society, allowing career criminals to roam the streets. 

In many cases, these criminals are not thrown in jail until they commit a murder or massive theft, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. 

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