Florida woman makes an epic choke on Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune is one of the most successful game shows in television history.

But people who do well playing at home forget it is much different to be the contestant under the spotlight.

But this one Florida woman’s epic choke on Wheel of Fortune was something she will never live down.

Florida woman blows obvious answer

Kimberly Wright of Apopka, Florida, had a turn on Wheel of Fortune that she will never forget, but for the wrong reasons.

She was confronted with a puzzle where only one letter remained.


Everyone playing at home surely got the answer right away.

“Duck-Billed Platypus.”

But for whatever reason, Wright got it wrong.

Either she had never heard of a duck-billed platypus, or she froze under pressure on national television.

Being on television can feel like giving a book report to the entire world instead of 10th grade class.

It can happen to anyone.

Wright guessed “f.”

Alas, “Duck-Filled Platypus” was incorrect.

Fellow contestant Marie Kioski swooped in and easily solved the puzzle, collecting $7,250 in cash.

She also won a trip to the Margaritaville Vacation Club Rio Mar in Puerto Rico, worth almost $8,000.

Not bad for one letter.

Social media was unkind

Social media is just itching for game show contestants to get a wrong answer and make a fool of themselves.

Wright did not disappoint the online crowd.

Everybody is a genius sitting on the couch in an air-conditioned room with no pressure.

“Oh my, that was painful. F??” one X commenter wrote. “She thought the platypus was filled? with what exactly? #WheelOfFortune.”

“This lady said ‘f’ #WheelOfFortune,” another posted on the social media site.

“Man, #WheelOfFortune can be just depressing sometimes,” a third wrote in response to Wright’s big mistake.

“Oh, I hope [she] isn’t on social media,” another responded. “She gonna get blasted for missing that puzzle #WheelOfFortune.”

Wheel of Fortune misery loves company

But Wright shouldn’t feel too bad because she is not alone.

In March 2023, Khushi Talluru of Colorado Springs was on an episode featuring teenage contestants when she, too, panicked under the bright lights.

Talluru also faced a gimme puzzle with one letter missing.


The answer to “FRESH TROPICAL FRUIT” also seemed apparent to everybody watching at home.

But Talluru froze and didn’t know what to do.
Host Pat Sajak jumped in and said, “Solve it or spin, but do something quickly.”

Talluru opted to solve, but clearly did not know the answer.

“What letter for you?” Sajak asked.

“I’ll go with a. . .G?” a clearly nervous Talluru answered.

A disembodied “what!” came from a stunned audience member.

Pat Sajak, a total professional, stepped in to show why he’s been a beloved host for decades when he quickly encouraged the embarrassed teen.

He said, “You know, when that happens when you’re sitting at home, you’re thinking: ‘How in the world?’ but sometimes it’s just a word that doesn’t want to come into focus.”

Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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