Peter Doocy just forced Karine Jean-Pierre into a place she didn’t want to go

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues to bumble her way through her job, mostly by ignoring the occasional tough question asked by the White House press corp.

But occasionally, a question gets asked that causes her to absolutely fall apart at the seams.

And when Peter Doocy asked this question, it pushed Karine Jean-Pierre into making a shocking confession about Joe Biden.

Biden’s protest response

Joe Biden cited the Charlottesville hoax as his reason for running for President in 2020.

Biden parroted the media lie that Donald Trump said the alt-right protestors were “very fine people.”

Trump clearly said that the white supremacists “should be totally condemned.”

But Biden has said little about the anti-semitic protests roiling on college campuses across the country.

At Northwestern University, a mob allegedly shouted, “Kill the Jews.”

Pro-Hamas mobs at UCLA and Columbia University barred Jewish professors and students from entering buildings.

Jewish students also reported hearing taunts such as “go back to Poland,” the site of Auschwitz, the bloodiest Nazi death camp.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre if Biden refused to condemn the protests that descended into bigotry because he was afraid of losing the youth vote.

Doocy asked, “I understand that President Biden historically has spoken very forcefully about anti-semitism, but this week, he’s not. He’s MIA. Is he that worried about losing the youth vote with these protesters?”

Biden supporters fear losing the youth vote

Left-wing propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore and The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin both expressed deep concern that young voters will think Biden is pro-genocide over not supporting Hamas’ call for a ceasefire in Gaza and stay home on November 5.

Jean-Pierre dodged and said, “I’m going to be mindful. You’re talking about the youth vote. You’re talking about 2024.”

Doocy pressed, but Jean-Pierre cut him off.

“No, no, no, no. I — I have to say what I have to say and just give me a second,” Jean-Pierre added.

Jean-Pierre cites Biden’s unconstitutional act

Jean-Pierre pivoted to the talking point that young voters should support Biden because of his student loan forgiveness program that even Nancy Pelosi admitted was illegal.

Jean-Pierre continued, “The president has taken a lot of policy actions here that he knows that young people care about and a lot of those actions are popular with those young folks, whether it’s giving a little bit of breathing room with student debt relief — so we made an announcement today, as a matter of fact, and we are going to continue to do that, because we think it’s important as families or as an American and you’re coming out of college and you want to build a family [and] buy a home, you have the opportunity to do that and not be crushed by student debt.”

She also weirdly highlighted Biden’s “green” boondoggles, such as the grand push for more Bidenmobiles on the road.

Jean-Pierre said, “The president understands how important it is to deal with that issue. Climate change [is] something that young people really truly care about. One of the crises that the president said he came into having to deal with was the climate change crisis.”

The Democrats have been reduced to consulting firm-tested talking points.

She added, “This is a president who has taken more — who has taken aggressive, aggressive action to deal with the climate crisis. You know, look, I can’t speak to youth voters or their support, but we’re going to continue to take actions that we believe helps all Americans and all communities.”

But Jean-Pierre did not address the heart of Doocy’s question.

Biden has not condemned the anti-semitic rhetoric at some of the college protests.

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