Biden’s handlers don’t know what to do now that the media is demanding a debate

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Democrats are hoping that they can keep Bumbling Biden hidden away between now and the election.

He keeps falling in public, and his gaffes keep getting worse, and every time he speaks in public, he loses more voter support.

But now the mainstream media just took steps to practically beg both candidates to get on live television and debate each other, and Biden’s handlers are freaking out.

Major networks pen a letter to candidates

According to the New York Times, “The five major broadcast and cable news networks have prepared a joint open letter that urges President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump to participate in a televised debate ahead of Election Day, according to people with direct knowledge of their plans.”

The NYT called the move “unusual,” which is an accurate description since, during most election seasons, both nominees are more than happy to get on stage and debate with each other.

During the primaries, Trump refused to debate his opponents, but now, he’s been saying that he’s happy to debate Biden “any time, any place.”

In early January, some Biden allies, including Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois and Chris Coons of Delaware, mentioned that Biden should not debate Trump, claiming that it would “elevate” Trump. 

Meanwhile, Biden has not given any sign that he plans to tell the major news networks and the American people he will commit to a debate, leading many skeptics to speculate that he has no plans to do so.

The President was asked in March, “Will you commit to a debate with former President Trump?” to which he replied, “It depends on his behavior.”

If that is still Biden’s stance, most people would assume he’s either going to refuse to debate Donald Trump or back out at the last minute.

Saying that debating Trump “depends on his behavior” opens the doors to a Biden refusal since there’s no telling what Trump will do next when he talks to the media or posts on his social media platform, Truth Social.

The candidates could break tradition

Either candidate could refuse to debate the other at any time, which would break the tradition of General Election Presidential candidates debating each other since 1976.

There is also a very good chance that Biden’s staff is afraid of possible gaffes and mistakes, leading the American people to doubt his ability to serve another term.

During most election cycles, three Presidential Debates and one Vice-Presidential Debate are held, with each one lasting about an hour and a half.

If neither candidate can handle these debates, then there isn’t much hope that they can deal with the rigors of serving in the Oval Office.

The alleged letter being prepared to send to both candidates hasn’t been finalized yet, but it has already been endorsed by ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and Fox News.

These television networks are looking for endorsements from other leading national news organizations and newspapers before they make it official.

In the meantime, no one knows for certain whether these two Presidential candidates will actually take the stage this autumn.

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