Liberal Republicans are losing their cookies after Marjorie Taylor Greene just made this move

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Liberal Republicans in Congress just don’t know what to do when they run into people with principle.

Many RINOs are realizing they now have to deal with principled members who are willing to put America first.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene just made a move to expose the RINOs, and they are sputtering mad.

Johnson says he rejected “fear” when voting to support foreign spending bill

When House Speaker Mike Johnson was ready to bring the latest spending bill to the floor, he knew it was unpopular. 

Over the past two years, Congress has approved tens of billions for Ukraine. 

America First lawmakers have pushed back, saying it’s money that we could have spent on our own border.

Faced with the same fate as his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, who was removed from his position last October, Johnson moved forward without hesitation.

Johnson moved forward without hesitation. 

“My philosophy is do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may,” Johnson said ahead of the vote.

“If I operated out of fear over motion to vacate, I would never be able to do my job,” he added.

But the Speaker went on to say that he knew “history judges us” and the present situation is critical.

America First lawmakers are tired of Congress ignoring our problems at home

Now just as expected, America First lawmakers are pushing back even harder. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a motion to vacate following the vote. 

The Republican from Georgia said it was “more of a warning than a pink slip.” 

Greene and colleagues are furious over the problems America is facing at the southern border and the lack of action to address it.

Faced with criticisms by members of the Republican Party, she said that she does “not wish to inflict pain. . .[or] throw the House into chaos.” 

However, Greene does have support from at least two fellow members of Congress—Paul Gosar and Thomas Massie.

Gosar said that “Congress cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the consequences of Biden’s disastrous open border policies, nor can it idly wait for Biden to halt this invasion through executive fiat.” 

“We need a speaker who puts America first rather than bending to the reckless demands of warmongers,” he added.

Now RINO colleagues are criticizing Greene over her motion to vacate.

RINO Senator calls Greene a “waste of time”

Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina was pushing Speaker Johnson ahead of the spring recess. 

Tillis told Semafor in March that the clock was ticking for Ukrainians. 

“Can you imagine if you’re a soldier in a trench somewhere in Ukraine being shelled right now looking at Congress going, ‘Oh, we want to support Ukraine. Oh where’s the time, we’re going on recess. . .’”

Now Tillis is criticizing Republicans that think that our own national security interests outweigh the need to support other nations. 

The North Carolina Senator slammed Greene for her motion to vacate. 

“She is a total waste of time. . . [and] a horrible leader,” he told CNN.

Tillis said that Greene was “dragging” the Republican Party down and called her “the biggest” risk to losing the House in the fall. 

But it’s spineless Republicans like Tillis that are throwing control of the House away. 

American taxpayers are tired of the endless spending that’s happening in other countries. 

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