Republicans will be crushed in November unless they get a handle on this problem

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Joe Biden has been overseeing the most catastrophic Presidential administration in living memory.

Inflation is soaring, the world is becoming more unstable, and America is more divided than ever before, so the GOP should be set to win this November.

But now a nightmare scenario is developing for Republicans, and they need to fix it before voting begins.

Voter interest hits new low point ahead of November elections

The 2024 Presidential primaries are over, and the parties are setting their sights on November. 

Donald Trump is taking on Joe Biden with a few independent voices added to the mix. 

Many Republican commentators are concerned about RFK Jr. being added to the mix. 

But there is an even bigger hurdle facing the candidates than an independent candidate.

Voter interest has dropped to a low point, according to a poll by NBC News. 

Every general election since 2008, the news outlet has posed the question, “How interested are you in this November’s elections on a 1-10 scale?” 

This year was the worst year since it began. 

Just 64 percent of Americans would rate their interest as a 9 or 10.

The poll was conducted earlier this month and included 52 female and 48 male registered voters. 

NBC found that the two major parties were within 5 points of each other. 

Republicans were at 70 percent and Democrats 65 percent. 

This should be a major concern for Trump and the GOP.

“Less enthusiastic” voters increased from 2020 to 2024

Gallup conducted a similar survey to assess “American’s Enthusiasm About Voting in Presidential Election Years” in March. 

That survey had similar results, showing a decline in interest among American voters from 2008, when 62 percent of voters indicated they were “more enthusiastic” than the previous year. 

Gallup says that this will all change as we get closer to November. 

“Americans typically become more enthusiastic by Election Day, with the percentage ‘more enthusiastic’ reaching close to 65% in late October/early November. . .” the researchers noted.

But the number of “less enthusiastic” voters has shot from 28 percent in 2020 to 41 percent in 2024. 

That number will be difficult for major candidates to bring down unless they start talking about issues that matter. 

And for the Republican Party there has been one major change in messaging this year.

Pro-Life messaging abandoned despite high support in Republican Party

Republicans are avoiding the topic of abortion, and it may be alienating voters. 

Democrats have been controlling the conversation around the topic, which is leading to Republicans ditching it all together. 

Even staunch Pro-Life activists like Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council have shifted away from federal policy debate. 

This could be hurting GOP enthusiasm, as much of the base is in support of restrictions being placed on abortion. 

According to Gallup, 90 percent of Republican voter’s support either restricting or completely banning abortion. 

But the GOP is choosing to appeal to independents and Democrats. 

Statista reports that abortion is among top concerns for registered Republican voters. 

And putting the issue to the side could be detrimental to their party. 

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is struggling to develop a unified message on the issue. 

Now they are choosing to avoid it all together.

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