Mark Hamill just uttered one sentence about President Biden that will leave you in stitches

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Nearly everyone is a fan of Luke Skywalker and his epic battle against the evil empire and the Darkside. 

Yet in real life, actor Mark Hamill is a left-wing lunatic who is unapologetically pro-Democrat. 

But Mark Hamill just tweeted this one sentence about Joe Biden that will leave you laughing all day or shaking your head in disbelief. 

“Your path you must decide”

The original Star Wars trilogy – aside from the whole brother and sister kiss scene thing – was a very conservative movie.

Beyond a clearly defined battle between good and evil, Star Wars tells the story of the fragile nature of a republic and how power-hungry politicians can easily turn it into a dictatorship. 

It goes on to illustrate the sacrifices that have to be made to end a tyrannical government.

And there’s a strong emphasis on the value and worth of the family unit. 

But despite the strong conservative notes throughout the trilogy, not all of the actors from the hit franchise believe in those themes. 

That’s especially true for the man who portrayed Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill. 

Time and time again, Hamill has proved via tweets to be a committed leftist toeing the woke narrative line. 

But Hamill just tweeted one sentence that one has to wonder if even he was able to keep a straight face while typing. 

“For the dark side looks back”

During the dog days of the 2020 election cycle, then-former Vice President and democrat Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, sent out an objectionable false tweet. 

His message was short and sour: 

“Donald Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had,” Biden tweeted in September of 2020. 

Biden was making that claim about a President who ushered in an unprecedented era of peace and economic prosperity. 

Many commenters were quick to remind Biden about Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama. 

“You misspelled ‘Barack Obama,” Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado replied. 

“Obama was, actually,” tweeted the Publica’s Sydney Watson. 

But now, almost four years later, Hamill has dug up the tweet and put a new spin on it that makes one wonder if he’s auditioning for a career resurgence by switching from drama to comedy. 

“Unlearn what you have learned”

From his tweet it doesn’t appear that Hamill remembers all of his lessons from Jedi Master Yoda. 

“Joe Biden is the best President we’ve ever had,” Hamill tweeted. 

Hamill received a great deal of backlash for the sentence. 

Even most Democrats would shy away from lofting that level of praise on the unpopular incumbent President. 

Radical Leftists usually will point to Obama, FDR, or Bill Clinton. 

Of course, there are the founding Presidents to consider like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the James’, Madison, and Monroe. 

But no, according to Hamill, Joe “Negative 16-point job approval rating” Biden is the best to ever occupy the Oval Office. 

“That is why you fail”

The Biden Administration has been hampered with constant self-inflicted scandals. 

They botched the Afghanistan withdrawal and have sat back and watched while two wars – that they’re funding – launched. 

Runaway inflation has made housing, automobiles, gas, energy, and groceries unaffordable – while the economy is still below pre-pandemic employment levels. 

Biden and his team can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman – and are making sure young school students can’t either. 

The Biden Administration has weaponized the Department of Justice against political enemies. 

And the latest estimates put the number of illegal aliens who flooded into America at more than 10-Million.

That’s equivalent to the population of North Carolina – a state big enough to warrant 16 electoral college votes.

The border crisis brings with it, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and infrastructural problems border towns simply can’t afford.

According to a study by the House Homeland Security Committee, the illegal alien population within the U.S. is costing American taxpayers an estimated $451-Billion annually.

But Mark Hamill thinks that’s the best White House record in American history.

Who is the worst President in American history?