This Iranian MMA fighter learned the hard way why you should never kick the ring girl in the butt

Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels

Yes, we all have bad days, and we do things we know we shouldn’t do. 

But sometimes it takes a good whooping to get the message. 

And this Iranian MMA fighter learned the hard way why you should never kick a Russian ring girl in the butt.

We all need a good butt whooping once in a while

People are stupid and that’s just a fact.

And to put people back in their place, sometimes you need to set them straight with some fists.

Now, we can all name a few people we know who need to get their butts whooped.

And frankly, half of the problems we have with society is the fact that not more kids are getting whooped in schools. 

They go unchecked and turn into little a-holes. 

And this is especially true when it comes to respecting women and the elderly. 

No man should lay a hand on a woman or someone who is elderly.

And if you do, you need to have your nose adjusted.

But thankfully, there are some places in the world that respect this code of conduct and enforce some beatdowns when needed. 

Russian beatdown

Last weekend, a group of Russians showed an Iranian MMA fighter what happens when you decide to assault a woman. 

Hardcore Fighting Championship had an event in Moscow last weekend. 

And as you would imagine, the events set up was a lot like the UFC in the United States. 

The fight took place in front of a large crowd with an announcer and the ring girls to bring in the rounds. 

Well at the event, Iranian mixed martial artist Ali Heibati was having a bad day and decided to let off some steam before his match. 

While the ring girl was walking around the ring to bring in the first round, Ali must have thought that she was taking too long. 

When the ring girl passed Ali, he kicked her right square in the buttock. 

The girl was stunned, and probably sore, from the kick right in the bottom and the referee went over to Ali to ask what his problem was and ushered away the girl before the situation boiled over. 

But for Ali’s sake he probably wishes after the fact that the ring girl would have kept going around the ring because he ended up losing the bout 4 minutes and 25 seconds into the first round. 

And if that isn’t bad enough, after the fight he got his butt whooped by an angry mob of Russian fans at the fight. 

Just watch the insane video.

But just to make this event ever more bizarre, Ali issued an “apology” for his actions after getting whooped twice in one of the most Iranian statements ever.

Ali told the press, “I want to publicly apologize to her. I am a married man, so I respect the female gender. She was doing her job and I, after the fight, didn’t admit my guilt either, because they also hit me on the head. Tell María that I am sorry.”

Ali will think twice before he assaults another woman in Russia again. 

Would you whoop a man for assaulting a woman?