Kevin Costner was shocked to discover this rumor about the future of Yellowstone

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Kevin Costner has been the face of the Yellowstone franchise since it launched.

Now big changes could be in store for the popular franchise. 

And Kevin Costner was shocked to discover this rumor about the future of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is set to conclude this fall when the final half of season five’s episodes air on Paramount+.

It’s still a mystery if the series’ lead, Kevin Costner, will return to wrap up the story arc of his character, John Dutton.

Yellowstone might be going off of the air, but it created a universe that is still going strong after spinoff shows like 1883 and 1923.

And more spinoffs and a sequel from the franchise are in the works.

New star is going to become the face of the Yellowstone universe

Veteran actor Matthew McConaughey was rumored to become the lead character in the proposed Yellowstone sequel 2024, a continuation of the story that began with the original series.

McConaughey is an A-List actor in Hollywood who could fill the big shoes left behind by Costner as the face of the popular franchise.

But his salary demands are jeopardizing the possibility that he can join the new sequel.

McConaughey reportedly wants $2.5 million an episode to take the part, more money than what Costner was making on the series.

“Matthew and his team know he’s the number one creative choice for the post-Kevin version of Yellowstone that’s being planned, but Paramount is dragging its feet on his $2.5 million per episode asking price — and there’s a real possibility Matthew will just move on,” a source told the National Enquirer in January.

Months later there’s still no deal between the actor and the show.

That’s opening the door for a new star to become the face of the franchise.

Michelle Pfeiffer could be the future star of Yellowstone

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer, known for her roles in Dangerous Minds, Scarface, and Batman Returns, is rumored to be ready to take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding Costner and McConaughey to join the Yellowstone franchise in a starring role.

“Matthew’s stalling could really cost him, and he still hasn’t inked a deal,” a source told Life&Style. “Kevin’s return isn’t set in stone either — and he’s only going to get a cameo at best, thanks to his hard-line tactics, so the coast is clear for Michelle to take over!”

“She’s excited and ready to go,” the source added. “Word is, she’s very close to a deal and she really wants to do this, unlike her indecisive male counterparts. Her casting would be a refreshing welcome!”

And the source said that Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan was willing to bring Costner back for the final episodes of the original series.

“He’s now willing to let bygones be bygones and appear in some capacity in the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth and final season for proper closure of his character,” the source stated.

But the Yellowstone franchise could go in a completely different direction if Michelle Pfeiffer joins the cast.

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