Elon Musk just made another move to protect free speech

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

When Elon Musk overpaid to buy Twitter, he claimed he was doing so to bring free speech back to the public square.  

There is no doubt that Musk’s X is much more friendly to conservative opinions than the previous owner. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but the telemetry is much better. 

And now Musk is opening up a new project to protect free speech in America. 

Musk’s mixed Twitter record

Since purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk has implemented some positive changes to the platform.

He invited former President Donald Trump to return, as well as bringing back the likes of Jordan Peterson and the Babylon Bee.

And the owner of Tesla authorized the release of the Twitter Files, which shined a light on the platform’s working relationship with Democrats to silence Republicans and stories like the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell prior to the close and controversial 2020 election.

However, the Twitter team censored Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman documentary.

And they banned several accounts of conservative independent journalists who brought up reasonable questions about the timeline and personal story of supposed human trafficking survivor Eliza Bleu – who is now under severe scrutiny of possibly faking her story to grift off people who want to combat the child sex slave trade.

But worst of all, the SpaceX founder hired Linda Yaccarino – formerly of NBC Universal – to head up Twitter. 

During an X Sessions interview, Yaccarino revealed “free speech, not free reach,” and “lawful but awful” policies. 

In other words, censorship of speech she doesn’t like. 

But now Musk is adding another positive mark to his free speech record. 

Musk to fund free speech campaign effort

Musk took to twitter last week and dropped a bomb on Leftists in Big Media, Big Tech in Congress, and in the Biden Administration who like to silence conservative speech. 

“Given the relentless attacks on free speech, I am going to fund a national signature campaign in support of the First Amendment,” Musk tweeted. 

The tweet was met with positive responses and went viral, with more than 55-Million views. 

Scott Presler – who is one of the most prominent conservative grassroots organizers with a record of success – has offered to utilize his machine to help with the campaign. 

Chaya Raichik responded by calling Musk “the greatest free speech warrior of all time.” 

And even Yaccarino replied, tweeting out a raised hand emoji. 

It’s up for interpretation whether her hand was up meaning she wants to sign the petition, or if it was up like a crossing guard signaling, “halt.” 

It will be interesting to see the language of the petition and what exactly Musk intends to do with all the signatures. 

Will you sign Elon Musk’s national signature campaign in support of the First Amendment?