Florida woman got attacked by a bowling ball in this bonkers brawl

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Americans have really been on edge lately. It seemed to get bad during the lockdowns and has gotten worse with the Biden economy.

But this incident in Florida took things to a whole new level.

This Florida woman got attacked by a bowling ball in this bonkers brawl.

Wrecking bowl

Reports show that roughly 69 million Americans bowl at least once each year.

Whether it is teens bowling under black lights or adults sipping a cold one, bowling is an American pastime with universal appeal.

Typically, bowling tends to be laid-back and casual, but a group of women in the Sunshine State had a completely different experience at the lanes.

A Florida bowler was experiencing a rough day and took out her frustration by hurling a bowling ball at another woman’s head.

And it was all downhill from there.

The incident turned into a full-blown brawl as many women began launching bowling balls at each other.

Yes, actual bowling balls were being tossed as weapons.

Miami Police spokesman Michael Vega told reporters, “Bowling balls were being thrown left and right.”

Women fled

The brawl occurred around 12:45 a.m. as bystanders looked on in shock at the violent women throwing drinks and 15-pound bowling balls at each other’s heads.

One witness captured the incident on video, which set social media ablaze.

Miami-Dade police responded to the bowling alley, but the women fled the scene before any arrests were made.

Vega added, “We are trying to locate both the victim and the suspect in this case, and they can both be facing charges.”

Needless to say, throwing bowling balls is incredibly dangerous.

Someone could have gotten her skull cracked.

Vega continued, “Number one, they vandalized the establishment, so they’re gonna be looking at criminal mischief. Then we are looking at the aggravated battery for the bowling ball that was thrown and hit the victim on the head.”

Luckily, the one woman who appeared to get knocked out with a bowling ball didn’t face serious injuries.

If that ball had struck her in the wrong place, it could have been deadly.

Florida is just different

“Florida Man” stories have been in the news lately, even more than usual.

“Florida Man” ran over an 11-foot alligator with his truck.

“Florida Man” crook tried to elude the police by donning a wig and posing as a woman.

Florida is a wild and crazy place.

Now with the “bowling brawl” in Miami, “Florida Women” stories are just as outrageous.

Catfights of old on the set of Jerry Springer involved slapping, hair-pulling, and cursing.

Now women are trying to crack skulls with bowling balls.

South Florida is still recovering from another raucous spring break.

The locals tried to deter spring breakers with curfews and increased parking fees, but the partygoers were still “turnt up.”

Some spring breakers even got caught dumping trash in the ocean.

As summer break rolls in, expect the craziness to continue in Florida.

Things are never boring in the Sunshine State, especially in Miami.

Witnesses of the “Bowling Brawl” can attest.

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.