This top Biden official is on the record lying to Congress

U.S. Department of AgricultureChristophe Paul/Photojournalist, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden staffed his administration with tons of radicals who believe they can get away with anything from lying to the press to stealing luggage in airports.

Biden said he would be a moderate who would bring America together, but his programs have radically divided the country and he has militarized the Justice Department against his political enemies.

And now this top Biden Justice Department official just stunned everyone by blatantly admitting she lied to Congress.

Kristen Clarke, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, was one of many controversial Joe Biden appointees.

While in college at Harvard, Clarke wrote about how white people were genetically inferior, and invited radical speakers to the campus to address her classmates.

For instance, Clarke wrote, “Melanin endows blacks with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities, something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

Clarke was eventually confirmed by the Senate in a narrow 51-48 vote.

But new details have come to light showing that Clarke lied during her confirmation hearing.

Clarke caught

Clarke was asked point-blank in a questionnaire by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) if she had “ever been arrested for or accused of committing a violent crime against any person.”

Clarke answered, “No.”

But that was not true.

In 2006, Clarke was arrested for attacking her then-husband Reginald Avery with a knife, reportedly cutting his finger to the bone.

Two years later after Clarke’s divorce was finalized, she had the arrest expunged from her record.

Maryland state law is not entirely clear if applicants have a duty to disclose arrests that have been expunged, but the nonprofit organization Maryland Legal Aid advised that it was best practice to disclose.

Republicans in the Senate called for Clarke to resign after learning that she had not been truthful in her testimony.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) wrote on X, “Kristen Clarke is in charge of enforcing civil rights laws. She enforces those laws aggressively against anyone who sneezes near an abortion clinic. And not at all against those who vandalize churches. She lied under oath during her confirmation proceedings, and should resign.”

Lee is right to call out Clarke’s aggressive pursuit of pro-lifers with civil rights violations.

John Daukas, who had Clarke’s job in the Trump administration, told The Daily Signal, “It appears she’s violating her oath of office and she’s violating her duty, which is to fairly administer the law regardless of political views. . .She appears only to be prosecuting groups that she doesn’t like, doesn’t agree with.”

Lee continued, “She lied under oath to mask her arrest for committing a violent crime, yet she zealously prosecutes peaceful pro-life protesters.”

Going on offense by playing defense

In the wake of the calls to resign, Clarke confessed to lying.

But Clarke accused her ex-husband of domestic violence.

Clarke said in a statement, “Nearly 2 decades ago, I was subjected to years-long abuse and domestic violence at the hands of my ex-husband. . .This was a terrorizing and traumatizing period that I have sought to put behind me to promote my personal health, healing and well-being. The physical and emotional scars, the emotional abuse and exploitation, and the lying are things that no woman or mother should ever have to endure.”

Avery has not commented yet, but if he contradicts Clarke’s story, things could get much worse for her.

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