McDonald’s just heated up the chicken sandwich wars and put Chick-fil-A on notice

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Everyday, McDonald’s feeds one-percent of the entire world, and 85% of Americans eat there at least once a year.

They are the big boys when it comes to fast-food, and everyone has to pay attention to them.

Now they have turned a simple chicken sandwich into a billion-dollar product and are heating up the fight to dominate the chicken sandwich market.

Chicken sandwich competition is starting to heat up

Chicken sandwiches have become one of the most competitive areas of fast food.

A slew of major fast-food chains rushed to introduce them after the chicken sandwich war broke out in 2019 between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes.

Chicken sandwiches have become some of the best-selling items on the menus of fast-food restaurants. 

McDonald’s rebranded its crispy chicken sandwich to the McCrispy last March and watched sales take off with a simple name change.

That change boosted sales of the chicken sandwich by double digits and turned it into a billion-dollar brand.

“Our McCrispy chicken sandwich continues to be an important driver of chicken share growth, having first launched in markets like Canada and Germany and now a billion-dollar brand,” McDonald’s Chief Financial Officer Ian Borden said on an earnings call last October.

But fans of the McCrispy could only choose between a regular or spicy.

Now McDonald’s is adding two new McCrispy options that have some Cajun flare.

The chain announced the addition of the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy and the  Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy for a limited time to menus nationwide.

McDonald’s said the Cajun McCrispys are “inspired by the soul food flavors of the South.”

The Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy features a southern-style fried chicken filet with applewood bacon and crinkle-cut pickles and is finished with the new creamy Cajun ranch sauce smothered on the top and bottom of the sandwich.

The Deluxe version replaces the pickles for shredded lettuce and Roma tomatoes.

Drawing inspiration from Louisiana puts in competition one of the most popular fast food chicken sandwiches from Popeyes.

Popeyes uses Louisiana-style spices in the breading for its chicken sandwich.

More chicken offerings are on the way for McDonald’s

McDonald’s is looking to build on the success of the McCrispy by offering more chicken options in the near future. 

Last December, McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger said at an investor meeting that the chain is developing a McCrispy chicken tender.

The McCrispy chicken tender will also be used in a new line of wraps the chain is planning to release.

Fans of chicken will have some exciting new options coming their way at McDonald’s.

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