Employers are not happy with this group of workers

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Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or post-millennials, is the newest group to enter America’s workforce.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this generation is making a very good first impression on employers.

Now, some new survey results reveal the real truth about how many business owners really feel when it comes to their Gen Z employees.

Survey finds Gen Z workers the “least reliable”

A survey conducted by the Freedom Economy Index, which partnered with the Red Balloon job site and the Public Square shopping site, asked small business owners how they feel about their current workforce.

It turns out that 68% of the business owners surveyed said that Generation Z employees were the “least reliable” among all generation groups.

The survey also found that less than 4% of businesses thought Gen Z was “most align[ed] with their workplace culture.”

It also found that around 71% of employers said Gen Z workers were the most likely group to suffer a workplace mental health issue.

Gen Zers are adults born to members of Generation X or older millennials sometime between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s.

According to Red Balloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes, his advice for small businesses is to be as thorough as possible during the hiring process to avoid hiring “unreliable” Gen Z workers.

During a LinkedIn live event, Crapuchettes said, “If you get the wrong person within your four walls, it’s going to cost you a significant amount of money. What we’ve been telling employers is ‘You need to be putting the time and effort into making sure that you’re doing the hiring process well.’”

Last month, the Freedom Economy Index surveyed small business owners and found that the economy was taking a major toll on the companies and their workers.

Over 30% of small business employees have started to work a second job, and in some cases, they’ve even taken on a third job just to make ends meet.

The survey for this month revealed that 67% of employers think a recession is on the way, although that number is down from 78% in February.

However, the business owners are still being extremely cautious with their money and remain focused on only making purchases for their business that are necessary.

Business outlooks may depend on the location

During the LinkedIn live event, PublicSquare CEO Michael Seifert explained that “Optimism levels were actually regional.”

“So, if you were a business owner in a red state, you actually polled above 35% in terms of optimism for the future of your business. But if you’re in a blue state, it’s half of that,” he added.

In a prior statement, Seifert said, “This economy has been difficult on employers and employees alike. And, while some of the big corporations may be thriving in this environment, small businesses are feeling the continued weight of inflation and high interest rates.”

As for Gen Z, even more telling is that 68% of the businesses surveyed said Gen Z is the generation that “is the “most likely group to cause division and toxicity in the workplace.”

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