These so-called Canadian scientists were fired after links to China were revealed

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China has been busy getting their scientists in Western high-security labs.

These Chinese moles not only create a danger for Western intellectual properties, but certain sensitive bio labs can also create dangers to the population because of lab leaks.

Now a pair of scientists with strong ties to China were fired after links to China were revealed.

Canadian scientists caught red-handed

Two scientists working at a high-security infectious disease laboratory in Canada have lost their jobs.

Security reviews revealed that the pair failed to protect sensitive material and information, and they did not acknowledge their links with China, according to newly released records.

Xiangguo Qui and her husband, Keding Cheng, had their security clearances removed in 2019 at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory after they were questioned about their loyalty to Canada.

Qui and Cheng were escorted out of Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory in July 2019 and were fired shortly after in January 2021.

As of now, the pair has not made any public comments about the incident and are reportedly back in their native China.

There were also serious concerns regarding the potential for coercion or exploitation by a foreign entity, per details in the documents.

The newly released documents are partially redacted since three former senior Judges had the final say on the public disclosure, but the over 600-page document was made available to the public after a special all-party review of the records was completed.

Records show that Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, concluded that Qui lied repeatedly about the extent of her work with institutions of the Chinese government.

She also refused to admit her involvement in several Chinese programs, even after evidence was presented to her.

The new information is likely to fan the flames of an already tense relationship between Canada and China.

Canada announced a public inquiry into whether China, Russia, and other countries interfered in its Federal Elections in 2019 and 2021 last September.

According to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, despite being given every chance to describe her association with Chinese entities in her interviews, “Ms. Qui continued to make blanket denials, feign ignorance or tell outright lies.”

The Public Health Agency of Canada released a report on Qui in November 2020, saying that investigators “weighed the adverse information and are in agreement with the CSIS assessment.”

The issue is one of “grave concern”

Per comments from investigators, Qui’s loyalty “remains of grave concern” because she was still in direct contact with entities linked to China.

A Canadian Public Health Agency report also discussed Cheng’s suspicious activities, saying that he allowed restricted visitors to work in various laboratories unaccompanied, and on at least two occasions, he did not stop laboratory materials from being removed, although it was unauthorized.

The report also mentions that Cheng wasn’t forthright about his collaborations and activities with people from government agencies “of another country, namely members of the People’s Republic of China.”

“Dr. Cheng’s actions reflect those of an individual who is careless with information and assets in his custody and not forthcoming and truthful when questioned about these communications,” the report continued.

Health Minister Mark Holland noted that the newly released documents demonstrate a “lax of adherence to security protocols.”

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