Wow, Tucker Carlson just unleashed some sad reality on the state of today’s media

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Political pundits in the corporate press do everything possible to push a Leftist agenda on America and they are destroying their credibility as they do it.

Many American’s are wondering if today’s journalist really like living in this country.

And when Tucker Carlson met with Joe Rogan, he unleashed on the sad reality most journalists face.

American trust for mainstream media is at an all-time low

In 1973, Gallup began polling the American public about their trust in mass media. 

The results have shown a dramatic turn for the worse over the 50 years since it began. 

In the beginning, 68 percent of Americans had a “great deal” of confidence in news reporting.

The only year that number increased was in 1976 when it rose to 72 percent. 

But ever since, American confidence in news outlets has been shrinking. 

By 2003, the number had plummeted by nearly 30 percent. 

And in 2016, it hit a record low of 32 percent.

There was a brief period of recovery from 2016 to 2018. 

But then in 2020, amid the backdrop of COVID-19, it began to drop again. 

Now it’s back at the historic low that we saw in 2016.

Tucker Carlson says previous generations of journalists worked in a “civilized” industry

Many Americans hold the opinion that mainstream media has an agenda. 

While this may be true, Tucker Carlson has a different perspective on what is plaguing journalism. 

A lack of self-importance and relevance. 

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Carlson recalled a time when being a journalist was exciting and reporters enjoyed their roles.

Carlson, who grew up in the Washington Beltway, said that when he was beginning in political news, things were better than they are today. 

The former Fox News anchor said that they had access to politicians and had regular access to important figures. 

But today they are lucky to eat lunch out of a “vending machine,” he says.

“We had lunch every single day like civilized people. I don’t even think that exists in the world anymore,” he said. 

Journalists are now “under the gun” of their “corporate masters.” 

When Tucker was coming up, he says “it was at least fun.” 

“You were on a charter plane, you’re flying with everybody, [and] you’d hit three or four cities a day,” he said.

But things have changed in a world full of digital media.

Tucker says journalists today live in a “grim” reality

Carlson says that the days of real journalism are dead and it’s having an impact on the news. 

Describing the new world as “grim” for reporting, he says that the only people who choose to cover politics are those that can’t get a job anywhere else. 

They are “driving alone in their little rental cars to some obscure town in Iowa to sit there with no access whatsoever the candidate, write up their little reports, and then go back to their hotel. . .” he said. 

Due to the immediate nature of online news, reporters find themselves up late at night “writing up more for the website.”

“It’s such a bad job, actually—covering politics—that only the people who couldn’t make it in any other business are doing it,” he said.

It’s a sad day for journalism, and it’s difficult to say if things will ever go back to normal.

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