Shocking new poll shows even liberal Washington state might go Republican for Governor

Photo by chayka1270 from Pixabay

Washington state voters may have had it with their ultra-liberal public officials.

Crime is going through the roof, and drug addicts wander the streets, making life miserable for average people.

Now, this shocking new poll is showing the Republican candidate for Governor is moving far ahead of his Democrat rival in the upcoming election.

Reichert is ahead of Ferguson in Washington state poll

The gubernatorial election in Washington state is approximately seven months away, but things are looking up for GOP candidate Dave Reichert.

According to a recent Echelon Insights poll, Reichert is ahead by nine points over Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson as the two candidates prepare for a game-changing head-to-head matchup.

Voters will take to the polls this November to vote on a variety of issues, including who will replace three-term Governor Jay Inslee.

They’ll also vote on three initiatives that call for repealing the state’s Climate Commitment Act, capital gains tax, and letting residents opt out of Washington’s long-term care program.

Echelon Insights, an Alexandria, Virginia-based pollster, conducted a survey on behalf of Concerned Taxpayers of Washington state.

The survey asked 600 registered voters “aged 18 or older” about the candidates and the issues coming up on the November ballot.

The polling company used a mix of live telephone calls (30% landline) and text online (70%) to get the results.

In a statement, the polling company said, “The sample was weighed to reflect population benchmarks for November 2024 registered voters for gender, age, race/ethnicity, education, region, party, turnout probability, and 2020 vote. The margin of error for a random sample of 600 voters is ± 4.7%.”

The poll found that Reichert came out ahead of Ferguson 39% to 30% on a two-way ballot.

Reichert is a former King County Sheriff known for his 20-year pursuit of the infamous “Green River Killer,” Gary Ridgway.

Other contenders include Republican Semi Bird and Democrat state Senator Mark Mullet.

A major sea change could take place if Reichert or Semi were to win, as Washington has not had a Republican governor in office since 1985.

Voters also favor new initiatives

Aside from the gubernatorial candidates, the poll found that respondents are in favor of all three of the new initiatives that will be introduced on the ballot.

Initiative 2117 would repeal the CCA and eliminate the state’s cap-and-trade program, and the repeal was favored by 53% of voters, with 29% opposed and 18% unsure.

Initiative 2019 would repeal the 7% tax on capital gains and was supported by a margin of 43% to 38%.

Initiative 2124 would make the WA Cares program and the corresponding payroll tax of 58 cents for every $100 earned by employees optional, and 65% of voters favored it compared to 21% who opposed it and 14% who were unsure.

Another bill signed by Inslee that moves Puget Sound Energy’s transition from natural gas to renewable energy sources was also unpopular per the poll, with 78% saying they believe homeowners should continue to have a choice whether they want to receive natural gas.

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