California doubles down on stupid once again and refuses to give up on this insane idea

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California has done its best to make life unlivable for the average citizen over the last few years.

Taxes have skyrocketed, crime is through the roof, but the woke liberals in the legislature won’t quit and continue to push for open class and race warfare.

Despite the absolute unrealistic price tag of this insane idea, California just refuses to let go of this proposal that will drive the rest of its citizens to other states.

CA creates a new agency for reparations

Despite months of pushback and non-stop backlash, California refuses to let the idea of giving reparations to its black citizens go.

Now, the California Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a bill that would create a new state agency that would implement the state’s reparations task force recommendations and would determine which people qualify for the reparations as descendants of American slaves.

SB 1403, authored by State Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), would establish the new agency under the name the California American Freedmen Affairs Agency.

If it passes, the bill will direct the agency to implement the suggestions from California’s reparations task force, a body created by the state legislature.

According to CalMatters, the reparations agency has recommended that eligible black residents of California receive up to $1.2 million.

One of the most prevalent recommendations made by the task force was to create the CAFA as a cabinet-level agency so it could implement any of its recommendations enacted by the state legislature and signed by the Governor.

The agency would also create a special “Genealogy Office” tasked with developing a process that would determine and help individuals determine their eligibility for “descendant” status.

When the bill passed the Judiciary Committee, it kept original provisions that define descendants to include those “descendants of a free black person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th century,” but the section including “African American descendants of a chattel enslaved person [living in the United States]” was amended to include “descendants of an African American chattel enslaved person in the United States.”

New analysis shows the plan could backfire

Although California’s reparations task force is aimed at helping black residents, new information reveals that it might do the opposite.

Analysis from the National African American Reparations Commission found that lineage-based reparations programs like California’s may actually result in white Americans becoming the main beneficiaries of the reparations.

Michael Harriot wrote, “California is 6.5 percent Black and 72 percent white. Imagine even half those Black people could prove their ancestry was tied to slavery. A large-scale DNA study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics concluded that, nationwide, about 3.5 percent of people who identify as white—including around 5 percent of white Californians—have at least one percent African ancestry.”

“If the task force incorporates the suggestion that lineage can be proven by establishing ‘negative evidence,’ it is entirely possible that white people could claim the bulk of reparations,” he continued.

For now, it’s not clear the extent to which someone must descend from an enslaved African American to qualify for the reparations based on the bill’s current definition.

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