This revelation about Prince Harry could get him deported from the U.S.

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Prince Harry has put himself in the spotlight but is trying to build a career as an American influencer by turning his back on his royal heritage.

As a member of the British royal family, Prince Harry’s life has always been of interest to the British tabloids, but his recent admission of past drug use might have put his U.S. residency at serious risk. 

But his bombshell revelations disclosed in his memoir, Spare, raises severe questions about the legality of his stay in America, particularly concerning the answers he provided on his visa application forms.

What lies ahead for Prince Harry? Will his past drug use cost him his U.S. residency?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mandates all visa applicants to disclose any illegal drug use, a stipulation that often results in application denial. 

Prince Harry, however, has publicly discussed his drug use, a move that contradicts the usual grounds for visa approval. 

Now, with his admissions laid bare, the focus shifts to the integrity of his application and whether he could face repercussions under U.S. immigration laws.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jane Hartley, hinted at possible leniency from the Biden administration, stating that “the ruling class elites around the world always stick together,” suggesting that Biden would not deport Harry. 

However, this leniency has sparked controversy and legal action, with The Heritage Foundation suing DHS to access Harry’s visa application to verify if he indeed lied on it.

Royal Expert Weighs In: Prince Harry’s Naive Mistake Could Have Major Consequences

Royal Author Lady Colin Campbell has previously authored a book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She told The Daily Beast that Harry seems to have not considered the ramifications of losing the protection of the Biden administration. 

“Harry was criticized for being both stupid and arrogant by publicizing his use of illegal drugs in his memoir,” Campbell said. “But what this intervention by the American ambassador shows us is that the Biden administration were prepared to allow the king’s son into the country regardless of what rules he may or may not have broken. So, maybe he knew he would get away with it.”

Duncan Larcombe, a former reporter for The Sun, criticized Harry for not only his past drug use but also for boasting about it, which could now lead to a slew of uncomfortable questions and scrutiny.

“It’s incredibly stupid to take Class A drugs when you are a prince in the royal family,” Larcombe said. “It’s even more stupid to boast about it afterwards. He has opened himself up to a myriad of questions, for example: Does he still do them? Was he high on drugs at Sandhurst? How about when he wore a Nazi uniform to a party? The Biden administration may well be prepared to look the other way, but Trump clearly isn’t. And if it’s good enough for Trump then it is good enough for Trump supporters.”

Trump’s Take: No Special Treatment for Prince Harry

Former President Donald Trump, known for his stringent stance on immigration, has already signaled a different outcome should he return to power. 

Trump expressed that the special treatment extended under the Biden regime would end, suggesting that Prince Harry’s residency could be in jeopardy if the political winds shift. 

This potential for a drastic policy reversal puts Prince Harry in a precarious position, as the upcoming U.S. election could dictate his ability to remain in the country.

Prince Harry’s Future in the U.S.: A Ticking Time Bomb?

As debates rage over the implications of his admissions, Prince Harry finds himself in a tangled web of potential legal and political challenges. 

His status in the U.S. is now more than just a matter of celebrity gossip; it’s a topic of national and international legal discourse.

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