You will not believe what this one appointed Judge just did with these violent rioters with this one move that puts every American at risk

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On March 22, a mob of illegal aliens attacked National Guard troops in El Paso.

While it was incredible that border authorities were attacked on U.S. soil, what happened in court is even worse.

You will not believe what this one appointed Judge just did with these violent rioters with this one move that puts every American at risk.

Judge releases rioters on their own recognizance

Texas Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the illegal aliens accused in the March 21 El Paso border riot to be released on a personal recognizance bond.

The decision was made on Easter Sunday after the Judge accused the El Paso District Attorney’s Office of not being prepared to proceed on the detention hearings as required by Texas law.

The Judge set PR bonds for the illegal aliens, saying, “It is the ruling of the court that all of the rioting participation cases will be released on their own recognizance,” according to the El Paso Times.

Court officials told the local news outlet that illegal aliens who were being held on ICE immigration detainers would remain in custody.

Judge Acosta blamed Bill Hicks, the office of El Paso County District Attorney, for not being prepared for the detention hearings per the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, which requires illegal aliens who were arrested without a warrant to have a hearing before a magistrate Judge within 48 hours of their arrest. 

On March 21, Texas Department of Public Safety law enforcement officials arrested a group of illegal aliens after a massive riot attack on Texas National Guard soldiers took place at a border crossing point.

According to KTSM NBC9, “Court records show Venezuelan nationals like Omar Alejandro Graterol Colmenares and Jose Guillarte Acosta were charged with improper entry by an alien, committed to federal custody for one day in addition to time already being served, then handed over to state custody for prosecution. Records show Graterol is being held on a $42,000 bond in El Paso County on state charges of riot participation and criminal mischief under $30,000; Guillarte has a $57,000 bond for similar charges.”

“According to a state court records search, seven were charged with riot participation following an indictment on March 28. The remaining 50 individuals were charged on March 29,” the report continued.

The riot could have turned deadly

New York Post Journalist Jennie Taer posted a video on X that shows a large group of illegal aliens pushing and assaulting members of the Texas National Guard, who were simply trying to do their job and defend the border per Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star mission.

One week after the riot took place in El Paso, Abbott ordered the deployment of another 200 Texas National Guard members to the border crossing.

Additional razor wire barriers were added, and some sections of fence were rebuilt in the areas where the rioters tore them down.

Aside from the charges of riot participation, some of the illegal aliens also face charges related to the assault against the Texas National Guard soldiers, destruction of state property, and criminal trespass. 

A Honduran named Everisto Benitez Martinez was charged with assault after allegedly stomping on a guardsman’s knee several times, according to court records.

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