You will be furious when you hear why New York City’s Mayor gave migrants $10K debit cards

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

When Trump slowed the flow of illegal aliens crossing the U.S. border, sanctimonious leftists started calling themselves “Sanctuary Cities” and publicly welcomed people who illegally entered the U.S. to their towns.

But with Joe Biden’s open border policies in effect, this trickle became a flood, and progressives are in a quandary, and they don’t know how to handle the humanitarian crisis they created.

Now NYC Mayor Eric Adams is trying to figure out what to do with the flood of illegal aliens, but his $10K debit card program he created will infuriate you.

Adams defends prepaid debit card program

By now, most people have seen the headlines regarding the number of illegal aliens flooding into New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams decided to launch a new pilot program that gives those illegal aliens prepaid debit cards, but the program has come at a massive cost.

The prepaid debit card program could eventually cost the Big Apple a whopping $53 million, even as homeless American citizens sleep on curbs and sidewalks throughout the city.

This week, Adams has spent much of his slotted media time defending the program, saying that it would save the city money and eliminate food waste.

The new program is slated to give up to 500 families prepaid debit cards to help them buy food and a variety of other supplies.

Even famous people like the rapper 50 Cent have criticized the move, but Adams says the artist has changed his opinion after the pair shared a discussion about the issue.

According to Adams, “People want to give the impression that we did this in the cloak of secrecy, that we’re not saving money, that’s just inaccurate.”

Rapper 50 Cent originally said that he felt former President Donald Trump could be the “answer” after he first heard about the program.

WPIX New York City reported, “The city awarded a $53 million contract to MoCaFi, a financial services platform that has run similar programs in other cities, according to city records and Adams. The program would eventually cost $53 million once fully rolled out, and only about $2 million would go to MoCaFi,” First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright said.

MoCaFi is short for Mobility Capital Finance, which is the company responsible for partnering with the city to issue the cards. 

Adams shrugs off spending

Despite the high price tag of the prepaid debit card program, the Mayor doesn’t seem to think it’s a very big deal, emphasizing that the amount would equal $13 per day for every illegal alien who receives a card. 

During a news conference, Adams said that the plan was a “small policy.”

“I know on the first brush you look at it and say, ‘Wait a minute, what are you doing, you’re giving people cards?’ This was a small policy shift that we’re doing on a pilot project with 500 people. If this is successful, we’re going to expand it even more,” he said.

The Mayor also said that the city has been looking at the product, MoCaFi and the “concept” of the program “for close to three years now.”

“This is not something that just popped up last year,” he continued as he defended the plan.

Conservative Mark Levin took to X to express his disapproval, writing, “Lunatic Democrats handing out credit cards to foreigners while Americans are struggling.”

The post received approximately 8,000 likes and over 3,400 shares at the time of publication.

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