You may want to rethink your vacation plans after you hear this gruesome story

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It’s been a long cold winter, and Americans fed up with snow are dreaming of getting away to a tropical spring break. 

But recent reports show that taking a trip to the Caribbean and Latin America now comes with some extreme risks. 

Now you might want to rethink your travel plans when you hear these gruesome stories. 

Popular vacation hotspots across Mexico and the Caribbean have turned into warzones

For many decades, Americans and people from across the globe have flocked to Mexico and the Caribbean to enjoy the delicious food, beautiful beaches, and warm weather.

However, in recent years, out-of-control crime and violence have threatened this region of the world’s massive tourism economy.

Cartels and gang violence terrorize most parts of Mexico and the Caribbean, but in recent years, this depravity has crept into previously protected tourist hotspots. 

Just last Wednesday, Mexican authorities announced the arrest of six gunmen and two teenagers who allegedly participated in a long list of gruesome crimes in the tourist hotspot of Cancun. 

Per the Daily Mail, “Six men linked to the crime ring were taken into custody on Monday for allegedly slaying and dismembering five people with a machete and burying three others in a shallow grave, prosecutors have said.”

The Daily Mail added, “Quintana Roo police also seized drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and crack, and two firearms exclusively used in the Mexican military from the group, as well as motorcycle taxis that had been used to transport the bodies.” 

Furthermore, authorities believe these eight suspects are tied to a mass killing that took place in late January. 

The Daily Mail described the killing, claiming that “According to authorities, the eight gunmen were tied to a January 29 mass killing where they reportedly dismembered five victims and placed them inside a taxicab on the south side of Cancun. At the time, authorities discovered two dismembered bodies in the front of the vehicle and three bodies inside bags in the trunk of the car, Mexico’s NotiCaribe reported. The gunmen had also shot the vehicle multiple times.”

The report adds, “Authorities also linked the eight gunmen to a clandestine gravesite with three bodies that they found while arresting the group. At the time of the arrest, authorities seized various weapons and large quantities of street-level drugs.” 

Cartel violence has increased exponentially in recent years, which has started bleeding into previously safe parts of Mexico, putting innocent tourists, residents, and business owners in harm’s way. 

Mexico’s wave of violence could destroy its already fragile economy

Much of Mexico’s economy relies on tourism, especially in tourist hotspots like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. 

However, due to the Mexican government’s inability to curtail gang and cartel violence, tourists are afraid to travel to Mexico, putting Mexico’s already fragile economy at great risk of collapse. 

Many fear that Mexico’s crime problem has spiraled so out of control that the Mexican government will not be able to get a lid on it anytime soon. 

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