Woke Madonna just royally embarrassed herself at her latest concert

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Woke performers like Madonna get a pass when they make a public faux pas.

But like everyone else in the public spotlight, they really should be held to a higher standard of behavior.

Now Madonna just embarrassed herself big time at her latest concert, and she can’t get away from the mistake fast enough.

Madonna insults disabled fan

Since the 1980s Madonna has been one of America’s most iconic entertainers.

But the singer does have some divaish tendencies and seems to expect that her fans should be standing in her presence.

During her performance at Kia Forum in Los Angeles, she called out one fan who wasn’t standing up by saying, “What are you doing sitting down over there? What are you doing sitting down?”

The crowd started to cheer as Madonna walked over to the edge of the stage to get closer to the fan, and that’s when she noticed something: the fan was in a wheelchair.

She then said, “Oh, okay, politically incorrect. Sorry about that” and finished with, “I’m glad you’re here.”

But at that point, the weak apology was much too little, too late.

Social media users quickly went online to make their opinions known, some of whom accused Madonna of “ableist behavior.”

Others called her out for saying anything to the fan at all, mentioning that people who pay good money to go to a concert have the right to sit down if they prefer without being singled out by the performer, regardless of whether or not they’re in a wheelchair.

One X user wrote, “Lots of people need to sit down who don’t use wheelchairs, too. This is honestly just gross, ableist behavior. Appreciate that the person purchased a ticket and came to see you!”

Another wrote, “Does it matter if they’re sitting or standing? They paid for the ticket and took the time to be there? Isn’t that enough???”

Yet another X user chimed in, saying, “You shouldn’t be calling people out for sitting down anyways. She’s not the queen of England. Some people are tired or have conditions where they need to sit.”

And yet one more X user commented, “Believe it or not, sitting down or standing up does not directly determine the enjoyment of an audience member at a concert!”

One user sarcastically asked, “Is it an offense to seat [sic] down during a [show] though, though what if I feel tired?” with another responding that “her fan base is old.”

The onslaught continued

Some fans were angry that Madonna would even take the time to point out someone sitting down in the middle of her performance.

One user on X said, “So people pay money for her concert and can’t even sit?”

Another person was even more direct, writing, “This is why I’ve never seen her live. Refuse to.”

Others said that Madonna showed “bad behavior” during the incident, one said the whole thing was “super f—ing weird,” and another person simply said, “She’s over.”

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been embroiled in controversy.

Last year, she protested Tennessee laws protecting children from transgender and drag queen ideology by donating profits from her shows in Nashville to a variety of trans groups.

She also mocked Jesus Christ’s Last Supper in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair Italia just a few months prior.

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