When truckers announced they were no longer stopping in New York City, Donald Trump had the perfect response

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Millions of Americans were outraged when a blatantly leftist partisan Judge fined Donald Trump $354 million for getting a loan in New York City.

Some of the people who are outraged are truck drivers who deliver to NYC, and many have taken the city off their list of places they will go.

When Trump heard about the truckers plans to boycott NYC, he had the perfect response.

Trump ordered to pay $354 million in fines in NYC ruling

Last week, Justice Arthur Engoron issued a ruling in a civil fraud case against President Donald Trump. 

The ruling said that Trump had inflated the value of his property to secure loans to develop new real estate. 

Engoron ordered Trump to pay a $354 million fine and barred him from holding an officer position at any New York based company.

The ruling has been widely criticized by business and political influencers who say it’s part of every real estate transaction in the country. 

Property owners value their holdings at a certain price, and banks have the right to either accept the portfolio as collateral or not.

But talk doesn’t always solve problems, and there is one group of people who are prepared to step up and take action to support Trump—truckers.

Prices on consumer goods will “skyrocket”

In a viral video on social media last week, a man by the name of Trucker Ray called on truck drivers to “start refusing loads in New York City.” 

The Chicago-based truck driver boasts over 250,000 followers on social media, and his comments may have started something big.

Truckers “ain’t going to New York City,” he said, adding that they are all “tired” of New York’s targeting of Donald Trump. 

“Our bosses ain’t going to care if we deny loads. We’ll just go somewhere else,” he said.

It didn’t take long for other truckers to join in on the campaign to shut down New York City. 

“There are 350,000 we’re independent & if we don’t want to go somewhere we won’t,” another man posted on TikTok. 

“If New York loses just 10 percent of the trucks going there, their prices are going to skyrocket on everything, from milk to eggs to any type of goods that the consumer needs,” a female trucker said.

Now, Trump is responding to their support in a post on Truth Social.

“God bless our truckers. From sea to sea.”

The pressure campaign against New York City seems to have not reached its peak popularity, and Trump is now weighing in on the matter himself. 

In a post on Truth Social over the weekend, the former President shared the video of Trucker Ray alongside a post, written by Mark Levin that said, “God bless our truckers. From sea to sea.”

Trump said that it was an “honor” to have the support of American truckers and accepted them in the fight against the Radical Left. 

“Such an honor to have so many great patriots on the side of FREEDOM!” Trump said. 

“Joe Biden’s Unfair and Dangerous Weaponization of Law Enforcement is a serious threat to Democracy. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he added.

It’s unclear how many truckers will join the fight or how long it will last. 

But truckers have played an integral role in pushing back on the tyrannical government in Canada. 

Now it’s time for American truckers to do their thing.

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