When the world calls Hulk Hogan a hero while he insists there is only one source of his power

Photo by Mike Kalasnik, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Hulk Hogan has played dozens of roles in the American spotlight over the course of his many careers.

But recently, he took on the new title of “hero” after an incident on a Florida highway earlier this month.

But when the world calls the Hulk a hero—he can only point to the true source of his power.

Hulk Hogan pulls “rattled” girl from overturned vehicle in Tampa

Earlier this month, a 17-year-old girl was driving down a Florida highway near Clearwater Beach when she lost control and her car flipped multiple times. 

Riding behind the young girl was none other than WWE star Hulk Hogan. 

The wrestling legend quickly jumped into action, helping to remove the girl from the overturned vehicle. 

According to Hogan’s wife Sky Daily, the girl was “rattled” but walked away from the incident without any noticeable injuries.  

“Last night, after we left dinner in Tampa, we saw a car flip in front of us! I truly admire my husband @hulkhogan and our good buddy @jakerask for springing into action…” she wrote on her Instagram.

Daily says that the two men deflated the airbag and pulled the young girl from her car, calling the girl’s condition an “absolute miracle.”

Ballpoint pen from Indian Rocks Christian Church helped “puncture” air bags

The incident occurred at exit 2A on the Veterans Expressway just outside of Clearwater in Tampa. 

Hogan was lauded as a hero on social media, but he and Rask pointed in one direction to explain the miracle. 

“We are just glad she’s OK, and God put us there at the right time,” Rask said to Fox 13.

Hogan added to the context of the miraculous circumstances saying, that while he normally would have a knife on him, that night he only had one tool to save her. 

The WWE star used “an Indian Rocks Christian ballpoint pen” when it came time to “puncture the airbags.”

Calling the incident “crazy” he said that the fact that they happened to have the pen in lieu of a knife was the part he found difficult to believe. 

Hogan gave the credit to the Lord for the circumstances that led to the young girl’s safety.

“Thank you God, all is well even now, Amen HH,” he wrote on X.

“Your faith in Jesus Christ has clearly improved your life…”

Social media users were quick to respond to his post touting the miraculous circumstances. 

“Isn’t it amazing the miracles you begin to see EVERY SINGLE DAY you walk with GOD? My favorite part of being a Christian,” one user wrote.

“Proud of you Hulkster. Your faith in Jesus Christ has clearly improved your life,” said another.

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Some of the users took a moment to reflect on the Hulk’s impressive strength and shared humorous clips from his career.

“I’ve seen you flip cars many times on VHS. I’m not surprised. Great work Hulk,” wrote Anthony Maurizio.

A user by the name of Taylor Dread encouraged his followers to “imagine getting rescued by the Hulkster! So rad. God Bless You!”

It clearly was an impressive feat, but even more impressive is Hulk Hogan’s humility in the situation.

Given the opportunity to be known yet again as a hero—the Hulk deferred to Jesus.

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