Vivek Ramaswamy destroyed Jim Acosta live on CNN when he exposed this glaring double standard

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Does anyone doubt that Jim Acosta is the face of woke liberal bias on CNN?

But conservatives were smiling when Ramaswamy wiped the smug smile off of Acosta’s face during this exchange. 

And that’s because Vivek Ramaswamy destroyed Jim Acosta live on CNN with this brutal truth bomb.

The latest manufactured media scandal about Donald Trump came when Trump spoke at a fundraiser and referred to his supporters that the Biden administration left to rot in the D.C. jail for years while awaiting trial on January 6 charges as “hostages.”

Even though the Biden administration and the media completely ignored the fact that Hamas took hundreds of hostages – including dozens of Americans – in the October 7 terrorist attack, Acosta pretended to be offended by Trump’s language.

“Do you agree with Trump that January 6 prisoners are hostages?” Acosta asked Republican Presidential candidate Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy responded by saying anyone who didn’t commit a violent crime shouldn’t be in jail, and the fact that the Biden administration gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists a pass while throwing the book at Trump supporters, proved there was a dual standard of justice.

“I think many peaceful protesters on January 6 should absolutely not be in prison,” Ramaswamy stated. “We have a dual standard of justice in this country. One standard applied, Antifa and BLM rioters for the prior two years.”

Acosta again tried to get Ramaswamy to condemn Donald Trump defending the January 6 detainees, which Ramaswamy turned around on Acosta by ripping CNN as the real bad actor for its years of lying about Donald Trump and protecting Joe Biden.

“I mean Jim, let me just be really clear about what’s irresponsible as it relates to coverage of Donald Trump,” Ramaswamy responded.

“And I think that your network and others like you owe some accountability here from the Russia collusion hoax that never was, to the Hunter Biden laptop story that was actually real before people before the election were told that it was false. So, I think that the real accountability here belongs to the media. Speak the truth, and admit accountability when you are wrong,” Ramaswamy added.

Ramaswamy fought back against Acosta’s characterization of many of the people arrested on January 6 as facing political persecution.

“In many cases, those January 6 protesters were denied constitutional rights. Well, I think I agree with the spirit of it. The spirit of it is those people, many of them, have been denied their constitutional rights, and many of them are peaceful,” Ramaswamy explained.

In Ramaswamy’s view the unjust prosecutions of Trump supporters is why Ramaswamy promised to pardon anyone arrested on January 6 for non-violent crimes.

“I don’t think that many of those prosecutions are just. My view is, if you’re using one standard of political prosecution for somebody because they have political views different from your own, that’s not justice. That is injustice. And that’s why I’ve said that anybody who is a peaceful protester on January 6 for those peaceful protesters, they will earn a pardon from me on day one. And I will stand by that, Jim,” Ramaswamy concluded.

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