Virginia Democrats just passed a bill that will flood their state with illegal aliens

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Most Americans are furious about Biden’s open borders and the hordes of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S.  

But the Democrats have been much more concerned about the needs of illegal aliens than homeless Americans or the crime wave that follows giving control of the border to the cartels.

Now Virginia Democrats just created a new benefit program that will make the state an illegal magnet.

Virginia lawmakers seek healthcare coverage for 88,000 illegal aliens

America has reached a point with the border crisis where even the Democrat Mayors of Chicago and New York City are concerned. 

The cities are being overrun, and resources are being depleted at an increasing rate. 

But for some reason some Democrats are still trying to incentivize immigration.

The “Cover All Kids Act,” also known as SB231, passed the Virginia Senate earlier this month along party lines. 

If the bill makes it through both chambers and receives a signature from Governor Glenn Youngkin, then it would provide state-funded health care to illegal aliens in the state. 

While it’s estimated that 251,000 criminal migrants are living in the state—the bill would only provide coverage to those under 19 years of age. 

That amounts to approximately 88,000. The legislation has received opposition from Virginia Republicans who say it would cost taxpayers millions.

Bill would create “perverse incentives” for illegal aliens to move to Virginia

Republican State Senator Glen Sturtevant said that the crisis has made “every state…a border state,” and now his colleagues are “making every effort to undermine legal immigration and incentivize illegal immigration into the commonwealth.”

“These bad policies jeopardize not just Virginia’s healthcare system but creates perverse incentives that illegal immigrants will see as a green light to travel to Virginia for free schooling, driver’s licenses, and now, free healthcare,” Sturtevant said.

Democrat supporters for SB231 have said that it is necessary to extend this healthcare to all people in their state. 

“Health care is a human right, and we know how vital access to care is to a child’s health, well-being, and development,” said Democrat Senator Ghazala Hashmi.

The bill now heads to the Democrat-led House of Delegates, where it will likely pass. 

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s signature would still be required to bring it into law, and he has been a vocal critic of Biden’s immigration policies.

Medicaid bills for migrants would make states “magnets”

Youngkin should be expected to veto the bill, after having sent Virginia National Guardsmen to the Texas border to fight back against the flow of illegal aliens. 

But if Youngkin fails to veto the bill, then there are others already working on stopping Virginia taxpayers from footing the bill.

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Senate introduced a proposal in January called the “Protect Medicaid Act,” which would prevent states like Virginia from forcing their taxpayers to cover medical programs for illegal aliens. 

The bill was introduced by Senators Bill Cassidy, Marsha Blackburn, Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and John Barrasso. 

Senator Cassidy of Louisiana warned that providing Medicaid to illegal aliens would create a “magnet” to these states.

Senator Blackburn called the proposal by state lawmakers “unfair to hardworking citizens” and slammed Democrats as putting “the care of millions of Americans on the back burner” while incentivizing illegal aliens. 

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