Viewers were shocked when Gayle King asked this victim of Hamas kidnappings this disgusting question

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A parent’s love and concern for their children trumps politics. When your child is in grave danger, nothing else matters.

But unfortunately, no one told this to Gayle King.

Gayle King had CBS viewers stunned when she asked this question directly to a father of a Hamas hostage.

Some questions you should never ask

It used to be common sense that there’s just some things you never ask someone.

For instance, you should never ask a woman what her weight is or her age.

If you’re going to ask a woman about any number relating to her life just take a break, think about it, and ask at your own risk.

Also back in the day, it used to be against common etiquette to ask someone what their salary was.

Nowadays, people post their salary on social media platforms like LinkedIn and proudly talk about their pay range.

But if there’s one profession that would know what to ask and not to ask, you would assume it would be people in the media.

The media and the Free Press are supposed to be fair and unbiased and able to ask the right questions to get to the answers people want to know about.

But unfortunately, those days are long gone.

The days of trustworthy news have been replaced by a biased media that no one trusts and for good reason.

You have stories out there like Jeffrey Epstein and his book of the elite, who participated in his child sex ring and no one in the media has asked any questions about that list for years.

But it’s one thing not to ask the right questions.

It’s a completely different thing to ask the wrong question at the wrong time, and unfortunately, this is something that you’re looking at live on TV and one of the most disgusting displays of Journalism anyone has ever seen.

A new low for Gayle King

Gayle King isn’t known for anything else in her career besides being the reporter to interview R. Kelly, while the man was having a mental breakdown.

And her lack of real experience showed during a recent interview she had on CBS Mornings.

Thomas Hand is the father of an eight-year-old little girl, Emily Hand, being held hostage by Hamas after the October 7th terrorist attacks in Israel, not to mention his wife was killed during the attacks.

But Thomas is trying everything he can to get his daughter back, even if that means going on CBS Mornings to bring awareness to the situation.

Well during the interview, Thomas was asked by Gayle King, “now this seems to be all about politics. What do you say about that? You know, you have innocent children, Palestinians who are dying, innocent Israeli children who are dying and no one seems to say enough, stop that.”

Thomas Hand was doing everything he could not to lash out live on air but he responded in shock with, “I’m not interested in politics at all. My only concern is getting Emily back.”

This is a new low for Gayle King, and that’s saying a lot with her horrible career in media.

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