Van Jones just gave Biden some advice that no one wants to hear

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Many CNN contributors say some off the wall things.

One in particular is Van Jones.  He once got himself in trouble suggesting that George Bush might have knowingly allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen, but his commitment to leftist ideals has never wavered.

Now Van Jones offered humiliating advice to Biden that actually could be Biden’s only winning move.

Left-wing CNN pundit Van Jones is nothing if not a passionate guy.

Seven years ago, he went on an epic whiny rant and blew a gasket over an unproven “whitelash” supposedly being the reason for Donald Trump’s first victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Jones is never content to simply shrug his shoulders and accept when his preferred politicians are beaten fair and square in an election.

Given the emotion evident in that clip, there can be no doubt that Jones is personally invested in advancing the Democrat cause.

Jones may be kooky but he’s always in for a Democrat win

That makes his advice to Joe Biden all the more humiliating, given the indictment thrown at the President’s ability to deliver for his deteriorating base of fans.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump convincingly prevailed in the New Hampshire Republican primary by 11 percentage points.

He did so despite a concerted effort by leftist Democrats and Independents to prop up Haley in the state’s open primary.

Watching those events unfold in real time put Jones in a somber mood during CNN’s coverage.

Jones: “Biden should stay hidden because he’s a bad messenger and doesn’t inspire”

Jones said, “If I were Biden, I would stay hidden. I will tell you why. He doesn’t inspire confidence. He is not a great messenger for himself.”

While that’s no doubt a proverbial fat lip for the President’s ego, it’s hard to argue with his reasoning.

He continued, “He has done a tremendous job for this economy. Union members, union leaders have — are racking up win after win. They should be put forward. There are clean energy executives in red states that are putting people to work… There’s something wrong with this campaign where we are somehow expecting Joe Biden — frankly, he hid during the last campaign — to just somehow come out and be Flash Gordon and save his own campaign. The people who are benefiting from the Biden economy — and they exist — should be empowered to speak.”

That part includes a generous amount of spin because the “Biden economy” is responsible for the worst inflation in half a century, but it is true that Biden essentially hid during the last campaign, using the Covid pandemic as an excuse to stay off the campaign trail and relying on corporate media to sell his message.

Jones also issued a warning to his fellow Democrats, saying, “Part of what we’re looking at as Trump’s strength, his resilience, is really a reflection of Biden’s fragility. Republicans are not afraid of Joe Biden. They’re not afraid. They don’t think that by putting up somebody this damaged, frankly this deranged, with this many deficits, is gonna hurt them at all. Because the polls show over and over again, that even with 978 felonies, he’s still neck-and-neck with Biden. And so it’s a warning sign, you’re correct there’s some warning signs for Trump, but this should be warning signs for Democrats.”

Much can change over the next ten months, but Trump currently leads Biden in polling for both the popular vote and in the swing states.

Polling consistently shows that the more Americans see of Biden, the less they want to continue to see him as President.

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