Union bosses are starting to realize their greed may lead to an AI takeover

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Fewer private sector workers are unionized, and many unionized jobs have been lost due to automation or simply shipped overseas because of the cost and work rules.

But Big Labor is still a huge political force, spending billions each year from forced union dues into the political process, but political power can’t stop technology. 

And these union bosses were stunned when they saw that their greed is pushing AI in new directions.

Union bosses are realizing that they may have overplayed their hand

Even though fewer Americans belong to a union than at any other time in recent memory, Big Labor still has a huge impact on the economy, politics, and American culture. 

Last year alone, union officials across the nation initiated strikes, which crippled multiple industries.

Among these strikes was the SAG-AFTRA strike, which started last year and practically shut down Hollywood.

As a result, studios were forced to find new and creative ways to pump out content and finish their many projects.

Amazon, for example, allegedly used AI to finish up their remake of Road House, which was initially put on pause due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Predictably, union officials are furious, claiming that Amazon Studios’ use of AI completely undermines their power.

On Wednesday, Breitbart News reported that “R. Lance Hill, the original screenwriter behind the 1989 cult classic, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging that Amazon MGM Studios and United Artists committed copyright infringement by not allowing him to reclaim the rights to his original screenplay.”

In Hill’s legal filings, his lawyers claim, “On November 11, 2023, the Screenplay’s copyright thereby duly reverted to Hill under the Copyright Act.  Yet, in contravention of the Act’s fundamental authorial termination right, [the] Defendants refused to acknowledge Hill’s statutory termination.”

The lawsuit adds, “(Amazon) used artificial intelligence technology during last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike to try meeting the November 10, 2023 deadline to complete filming.”

Hollywood’s use of AI sparked the Writer Guild strikes last year as well, with many fearing their jobs could be replaced by AI.

Over the last several decades, automation has replaced thousands of union jobs, as employers have a hard time keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of union officials.

Meanwhile, many manufacturers that did not automate their jobs, simply sent them overseas to save big on labor costs. 

Regarding the future of AI, many experts agree that AI will play a major role in Hollywood and other industries moving forward.

Little can be done to put this figurative genie back in the bottle, and many jobs could be lost as a result. 

Thousands of American employees could soon pay the price for union boss greed

Although union officials celebrated following the resolution of several major strikes last year, the employees they claim to represent and consumers will pay the price.

As union bosses at the UAW and other powerful unions line their pockets, jobs are sent overseas, leaving thousands of families without income.

Much like a parasite, many of these union bosses will do anything to take advantage of American industry until such an industry cannot operate any longer. 

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