Trump’s campaign chief just made an enemy of one of the most conservative members of Congress

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Trump’s America First message is resonating with voters as we head into 2024.

But is this populist movement truly conservative? 

When Trump’s top campaign official took direct aim at one of the most conservative members of Congress Washington, D.C. has ever seen, people start to wonder. 

This isn’t the 2016 America First movement anymore

Most of us know the saying from The Dark Knight, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

Well, this is especially true in politics. 

Every so often, you have massive political movements start off at the grassroots level that go national. 

But after a year or so, these movements turn into the exact thing they are fighting as money, greed, and egocentric politicians flood the movement.

Just look at the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party movement started out with good intentions. 

But after a few years, it fizzled out with so many power-hungry politicians taking advantage of the movement just to build their political brand. 

Well, we all need to ask if the same thing that happened to the Tea Party movement is happening in real time to the America First movement. 

The movement that once propelled the 2016 version of Donald Trump is now openly targeting one of the most conservative members of Congress. 

Loyalty over conservatism

Chris LaCivita is the current campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign, and there is no doubt that he is good at his job after the dominating performance in Iowa by his campaign team. 

But even though he may be a great campaign manager for Trump, it has become crystal clear that he could care less about the conservative movement in America. 

There is a battle brewing in Virginia that really boils down to the future of the Republican Party. 

Republican Congressman Bob Good of the 5th District of Virginia has been an ironclad supporter of the conservative cause in his time in Washington, D.C. 

His voting record is nearly perfect with a 100% score card from Heritage Action and 92% from the Republican Liberty Caucus (seventh highest among all 200 Republicans in the House). 

Not to mention, Bob Good is the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. 

But Trump’s orbit hates Bob Good’s guts. 


Because he supported Ron DeSantis for President. 

So Chris LaCivita wanted to make it very clear that he could care less about how conservative a candidate is. 

All that matters to the “America First” movement now is loyalty. 

LaCivita told the Cardinal News out of Virginia that “Bob Good won’t be electable when we get done with him.”

And to make matters worse, the guy that LaCivita and Trump’s allies are trying to replace conservative Bob Good with is about as big of a Swamp-lurking politician you can get. 

Bob’s opponent, John McGuire, has run for four separate political offices in just five years, always trying to gain more power while lying to his voters, claiming that he will not seek higher office. 

And when John McGuire isn’t leapfrogging from one political office to the next while leaving his constituents behind in the dust, he is sponsoring Democrat legislation like when he sponsored the bill to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for Virginia in 2017.

All while conservatives begged McGuire not to push the ERA as it would do nothing but cement in the Constitution a legal right to abortion on demand. 

So it’s sad to see Trump’s campaign manager pick loyalty over conservatism, as he would rather have a phony Republican in the House than a red-blooded conservative like Bob Good. 

Do Republicans still care about having conservative elected officials?