Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis just made a HUGE mistake in front of this Judge

Screenshot via YouTube, 11Alive

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is trying to make a name for herself by going after Donald Trump, but now she’s embroiled in her own scandal.

This absolutely entitled leftist tyrant has been leading a secret life funded by the taxpayers, and all the gory details have just been made public.

But what is amazing is how Fani Willis just lost it and made this huge mistake in front of a Judge in open court.

Willis snaps at Trump defendant’s lawyer in court

DA Fani Willis was in court this week over her relationship with Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

While being questioned about the timeline and the nature of her relationship with her ex-lover, Willis went ballistic.

The hearing is underway to decide whether Willis is fit to continue her role as prosecutor of election fraud charges against former President Donald Trump and others.

The DA had several spats with lawyer Ashleigh Merchant during her testimony.

Merchant represents Trump co-defendant Mike Roman and asked Willis whether Wade had ever slept over at an apartment that she subleased from a friend.

In response, Willis lost it, shouting, “Don’t be cute with me. It’s a lie!” and repeatedly screamed, “It’s a lie! It’s a lie!” into the microphone.

The outburst prompted Judge Scott McAfee to call a five-minute break.

Upon returning from the break, Willis and Merchant continued to talk over each other until McAfee issued a warning to Willis: “You have to listen to the question as asked, and if this happens again and again, I’m going to have no choice but to strike the testimony.”

The pair had yet another heated exchange when Merchant asked about how Willis split her bills with Nathan Wade.

Willis replied, “That was cute, but I didn’t give him money in a contract… don’t be cute with me and think you’re not gonna get an answer.”

In previous testimony, Willis said that her relationship with Wade started in 2022 and ended in 2023.

Mike Roman has argued in court papers that their relationship is unethical and has asked Willis to be removed as the prosecutor in the case.

McAfee said he will make a decision after weighing the evidence he hears during the remainder of the trial.

The drama continues

Willis first appeared in the Fulton County courtroom around 2 p.m. after Wade had finished his testimony.

She showed up in a red dress and interjected, saying that she wanted to testify even as a lawyer from her office was doing their best to try and keep her off the stand.

Willis said, “I’ve been in my office pacing,” and said once she heard Wade was done, she ran to the courtroom to get her opportunity to speak.

Once she was on the stand, Willis immediately attacked Merchant, saying, “You lied on Monday and yet here we are.”

However, witness Robin Yeartie, a former employee in Willis’ office said she had “no doubt” that Willis and Wade were romantically involved, testifying that she had seen the pair “kissing” and “hugging” and being affectionate toward each other. 

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