Trey Gowdy’s reaction to Trump’s hush money conviction left Trump supporters in stunned silence

Screenshot viaYouTube, Fox News

Former Republican South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy served as one of Fox News’ top legal analysts during Donald Trump’s show trial in New York City.

Gowdy is furious about the sham trial and ridiculous verdict.

But Gowdy’s reaction to Trump’s hush money conviction left Trump supporters in stunned silence.

Bragg gets sham conviction

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg convinced a jury pulled from a pool of Joe Biden voters to convict Donald Trump.

Roughly 87% of the district went for Biden in the 2020 election, but somehow Trump was supposed to get a fair trial.

That’s why Brag was able to get away with using a farcical legal theory to indict Trump.

In reality, Trump’s true crime was winning the 2016 election and denying Hillary Clinton the Presidency.

However, by manufacturing a fake federal campaign finance violation, Bragg gave Democrats a chance to relitigate the 2016 election yet again and claim they proved in court that Donald Trump stole the Presidency from Clinton.

Now Trump’s fate lies in the hands of Judge Juan Merchan, a Democrat partisan who donated both to Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign and a group whose organizing principle is stopping Republicans.

Merchan could sentence Trump to a maximum of four years in prison because the falsifying business records charge was elevated to a felony.

Merchan set the sentencing hearing for July 11, which just so happens to be four days before the start of the Republican National Convention, where the GOP is set to nominate Trump for a third time.

Gowdy gives legal advice

Once the verdict landed, Trey Gowdy’s instant reaction on Fox News was that Trump’s best political move was to embrace the possibility of doing prison time.

Gowdy began, “There’s never a good time, to have a sentencing hearing. That’s been my experience in life. You don’t ever want to appear in front of a judge. You can make the argument that, that the cloud of an end custodial sentence, the threat of going to prison is what will motivate Trump voters and supporters even more.”

He continued, “So if I’m President Trump, I continue to say, look, I’m willing to go to jail to save this country. I highlighted that Brett made note of it. He said, ‘I am willing to go to jail to save this country.’”

Gowdy argued that Trump should postpone his sentencing hearing because it would allow him to campaign for President with the specter of jail time looming.

Gowdy’s point was that the possibility of jail would rile up Trump’s base to vote and get active.

He added, “I want to move the sentencing hearing because I want the threat of jail hanging over the convention, hanging over the election, because I want people knowing that I have been victimized by this system in your stead.”

Trump’s legal team, however, did not take Gowdy’s counsel.

His attorneys did not contest the sentencing date.

The primary reason for not postponing the sentencing hearing is because it would also delay Trump’s ability to appeal his sham conviction.

The sooner Trump gets this case in front of the appeals court, the sooner Trump can win vindication by getting the conviction tossed.

Judge Merchan committed multiple reversible errors that gave Trump’s legal team fertile grounds for appeal.

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