Travis Kelce’s jaw was on the floor when Joe Biden made this embarrassing mistake

Photo by Adrian Curiel from Unsplash

Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end Travis Kelce can grab headlines like he can grab passes.

But he became a spectator for one moment.

And Kelce’s jaw was on the floor when Joe Biden made this embarrassing mistake.

Chiefs’ White House visit has cringeworthy moment

 The back-to-back Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs made their second straight visit to the White House for the ceremonial celebration of a championship team.

Joe Biden couldn’t help but step on a rake.

Biden, whose polls show he is increasingly unpopular, tried to latch onto Travis Kelce’s star power.

The President said, “I’d have Travis up here, but God only knows what he’ll say.”

“Travis, come here! It’s all yours pal,” Biden pleaded.

Kelce then took the mic and made a few bizarre comments.

“My fellow Americans,” Kelce started.

“It’s nice to see you all yet again. I’m not gonna lie, President Biden, they told me if I came up here, I’d get tased; so I’m gonna go back to my spot, all right?” Kelce continued.

Since Biden could not get close to Taylor Swift, getting in front of photographers with Swift’s beau was the next best thing.

But even Biden could not pull off something as straight-forward as NFL players at an informal event without beclowning himself.

Biden put on a cartoonishly oversized Kansas Chiefs helmet and looked like Rick Moranis’ Lord Helmet character from Mel Brooks’ classic Star Wars parody film Spaceballs.

Hats not a great idea in American politics

In 2013, Barack Obama forewent the opportunity to put on a Navy helmet when he met with the team to celebrate Navy winning the Commander-in-Chief trophy for defeating both Air Force and Army in college football.

Obama declared, “You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president.”

“That’s politics 101,” he added.

Obama was making light of the disastrous photo op from the 1988 Presidential campaign where then-Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, the Democrat nominee, wanted to show Americans that he was not some far-left ACLU liberal.

Dukakis tried to show he could stand up to the Soviet Union amid the Cold War.

Dukakis famously saw his 17-point lead over Vice President George H.W. Bush disappear over the summer.

In a desperate attempt to rebrand after opposing the pledge of allegiance and allowing criminals like Willie Horton out of jail for weekend furloughs, Dukakis engaged in a political stunt.

That led to a September 13, 1988, event at a General Dynamics plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

At an event at a General Dynamics plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on September 13, 1988, Dukakis put on a tank commander’s helmet that even drew laughs from liberal reporters like ABC’s Sam Donaldson.

Coincidentally, 1988 was Joe Biden’s first failed Presidential campaign.

He was forced to drop out of the race after getting caught lying about his college transcripts and plagiarizing speeches from British politician Neil Kinnock.

If anyone should have known better about putting on hats, it was Joe Biden.

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