Tom Brady’s Dad just dropped a truth bomb that is hard to ignore

Photo by Adrian Curiel from Unsplash

While everyone is watching the NFL’s top two teams getting ready for the Super Bowl, the rest of the league is cleaning house and getting ready for the new season.

Some of the biggest changes are taking place in New England, where the biggest change in two decades is taking place. 

Tom Brady’s Dad made some great observations about the change that you just can’t ignore.

The New England Patriots will never be the same without Coach Bill Belichick

Unless you support the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs, now is the time for your team to start planning for next year.

The New England Patriots were one of the most disappointing teams this year, only managing to win four of their seventeen games, finishing dead last in the AFC East and the AFC at large. 

Rarely has former Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick been a part of such a disastrous program, leading to his retirement from the Patriots following the 2023 NFL season. 

Throughout his 20-season career with the New England Patriots, Head Coach Bill Belichick led the Patriots to six Super Bowl victories, among other accolades. 

Many believe that Tom Brady’s departure from New England precipitated their downfall, including none other than Tom Brady’s Father, Tom Brady Sr., who recently spoke out about the matter to the Boston Globe

Per Tom Brady Sr., “Bill is tough.  He runs a military system. It’s a different generation. Bill is a great, great, great coach. But his interpersonal skills are horrible. That’s the bottom line.”

He added, “How many times has he said — back in ‘15 or ‘16 — that he wanted to win without Tommy? When he went without Tommy, he didn’t know what he was losing. You’re losing more than just a quarterback.”

However, Tom Brady Sr. did point to some of Belichick’s flaws, pointing out that, “Ego sometimes gets in the way of things. I think it did with Bill. Now, he’s in a situation where he’s gotten crucified for the last few years by everybody and a lot of luster has come off his rose.”

As it stands, Bill Belichick has not made any formal announcements about the future of his coaching career or whether he will coach for another team anytime soon. 

Many football analysts struggle to see Belichick coaching for any team other than the Patriots; however, if he does decide to coach for another team rather than retiring, then an announcement should come any day now. 

Few head coaches will ever come close to achieving Bill Belichick’s success

After winning six Super Bowls, few people can deny that Bill Belichick has earned his place as one of the greatest football coaches of all time. 

However, many football analysts question just how much of his success was a result of his coaching skills or having Tom Brady on his team. 

Regardless, it seems unlikely that Bill Belichick will hang up his cleats at this point in time; however, it remains a mystery as to where he may land next. 

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