This woman just found out you don’t want to get in a bull fight on the beach

Photo by Jos van Ouwerkerk from Pexels

People will spend big bucks for a relaxing trip on a beautiful Mexican beach.

But some crazy tourists think that reality doesn’t count when they are on vacation.

And this woman just found out you don’t want to get in a bull fight while you are on vacation in Mexico.

Bull on the Beach?

When you think of dangerous animals at the beach, sharks are the first thing that comes to mind. 

Normally, you wouldn’t expect to encounter a raging bull at the waterfront. 

But that’s exactly what happened in this shocking video. 

Most folks who aren’t either professional matadors or adrenaline junkies who “run with the bulls” would stay clear of these dangerous beasts. 

But this woman decided to get up close and personal with a bull that wandered down to the beach. 

In the video, she is seen feeding the animal under a canopy. 

But the bull had its sight set on something else. 

The bull wandered over to some bags that belonged to the woman. 

She decided then to face down the bull over her bags. 

An onlooker tried to warn her that it was a bad idea to face down the animal to retrieve her bags. 

“Please don’t do that, please,” the onlooker screams.

“Please get away,” he yells as the bull devours the contents of the bags. Another beachgoer can be heard calling the woman a “moron” as she refuses to get to safety.

She eventually put her hands down and turned away from the bull, and that’s when the bull seemed to see red. 

The bull charges her, knocking her down, but she quickly gets back up. 

The bull then turns around and charges again as the crowd at the beach watches in terror. 

“We tried to f—ing tell you,” the man shouts as the bull continues attacking. 

Thankfully, another woman comes to her rescue and throws a bucket of water at the bull, causing it to back off. 

Despite being charged several times, the woman seems to not have suffered any serious injuries and gets up and walks away. 

While you wouldn’t expect to see a bull on a trip to the beach, apparently these encounters at this particular beach are fairly common, with several ranches in close proximity. 

Torres García, a town official, noted that donkeys often wander down to the beach looking to be fed by tourists.

While the donkeys are, no doubt, less dangerous than bulls, he still advised tourists to steer clear of them. 

“However, we make the recommendation that they do not do so in order to prevent a situation similar to that of the bull attack from happening because a donkey can bite a person,” García said.

Hopefully, this woman learned her lesson and from now on will leave the bull fighting to the professionals.

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