This unhinged school principal may have traumatized these kids for life

Photo by Dids from Pexels

When parents drop their kids off at school for six or more hours a day, they put a great deal of trust in the teachers and administration to use good judgment.

But unfortunately, competence and judgment seem to be in short supply these days.

This unhinged principle’s actions may have permanently traumatized the kids in her school and has parents questioning the trust they have given to their school.

CA principal goes bonkers after conducting “active shooter drill”

Nina Denson is the principal of Washington Elementary School in San Gabriel, California, but her days in that position are likely numbered.

The principal is now on leave after she decided to conduct a terrifying “unauthorized” active shooter drill while allegedly making loud noises and pretending to shoot at students.

According to one report, Denson even said that seven kids were “killed” during the drill. 

Parent Jennifer Chavez told news outlet KTLA, “She proceeded to walk around campus and pretended to shoot people she saw using finger movements and banging on windows. From what I heard, she said to one of the students, ‘Boom! You’re dead!’’’

Even more disturbing is that some of the children present during Denson’s strange “drill” were reportedly as young as just four years old.

Chavez said that her first grader “was really upset” and that “The one shocking, surprising thing he said as a 6-year-old was, ‘I’m just glad none of my friends died.’”

Some school employees said Denson even announced that seven students were “killed” in the pretend drill.

“Can you imagine the trauma these children potentially could go through just thinking, ‘Oh my God, my friend was killed’ or ‘I was shot and told I died,’” parent Anna Bustamante said when speaking to KTLA.

She added, “At the young age that these children are, it was very upsetting.”

Jim Symonds, District Superintendent, verified that the drill was unauthorized, telling KTLA, “This type of drill where a scenario was run is not approved by the district nor part of our district protocol.”

The district sent an email to parents that read in part, “The conduct of the drill does not appear to have been in line with District protocols or best practices.”

The California school district has launched an investigation, and a veteran teacher is taking over as interim principal; however, some parents want Denson to be removed for good.

Denson has lost all trust

Chavez said that she did not want Denson “back here at all” and said, “She does not have the trust of the community.”

Denson joined the school as principal last fall.

Now, school officials said because her actions upset the students and staff, counselors were available on the premises to provide help to anyone who needed it.

Denson remains on leave as the investigation continues, and her actions have left the community in shock.

One parent said, “I send my child to school expecting them to be safe, not be subjected to such distressing scenarios. This is not the way to prepare our children for the unthinkable.”

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