This thief just ripped off his waitress and instantly regretted it

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

If you want to know a person’s real character, see how he or she treats a waitress.

Too many servers are just scraping by so ripping off a server is particularly low.

But this thief just stole from the wrong waitress and instantly regretted it.

Revenge of the waitress

Servers have to work hard for their money.

It’s not easy dealing with unruly and unreasonable customers.

Most do not even make minimum wage and depend entirely on tips in order to get by.

Despite good service, many servers are often stiffed by bad customers.

They endure drunk college kids and persnickety customers who send food back or make 17 food substitutions, only to get left with no tip.

So, when 26-year-old waitress Miurell Vargas learned that a guy she had waited on broke her car window and stole her belongings, she had had enough.

Car crash and a black eye, coming right up

Upon learning she had been robbed, Vargas was determined to retrieve her belongings.

She was not about to let a jerk customer steal from her and get away with it.

Instead of calling the cops, she hopped in her car and went after the thief herself.

Vargas spotted the thief on the street but was so focused on him that she got into a car accident.

She then hopped out of the car and approached the thief directly, punching him in the face.

Vargas told reporters, “He was yelling it wasn’t my bag and that I was crazy. That made me even more mad because he knew it was my bag. He put his hand behind him, so I thought he was gonna pull out a knife or a gun and that’s when I started punching him.”

As it turned out, the thief stole items that had sentimental value worth retrieving.

She continued, “My mom’s picture was in my wallet, and my mom passed away eight years ago, so that was of sentimental value for me that I needed to recover.”

Nobody can blame her for wanting to get her mother’s picture back.

Picked the wrong one

The thief was arrested—with a black eye—and Vargas got her stuff returned to her.

While Vargas was brave, she admitted that she doesn’t “recommend” other people doing what she did.

The car accident could have been much worse, or the thief could have violently attacked Vargas.

But at least she was able to get back her items, including the memento of her departed mother.

This is one of the many circumstances that waiters have to deal with.

Fortunately, for every horrible customer, there are good ones.

For example, one waitress got a massive tip from Donald Trump supporters after good service.

On a $73 bill, the men left a $450 tip with a kind message that read, “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues but if everyone would share this smile and kindness like your beautiful smile our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless.”

Much better than having to chase down a thief.

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