This state’s Attorney General just asked Kamala Harris to do what many Americans know needs to be done

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Concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities are growing by the day.

Even liberal newspapers like The New York Times are writing articles raising serious worries about his ability to serve.

But many were shocked when this state Attorney General asked the Vice President to take this unprecedented step.

West Virginia Attorney General wants to invoke the 25th Amendment

Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia’s Attorney General, wrote a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris asking her to invoke the 25th Amendment.

If Harris were to oblige, invoking the amendment would declare that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

Morrisey said that Americans have seen Biden experience a “profound” cognitive decline.

He asked the Vice President to try and look past her personal relationship with Biden and try to be as objective as possible when evaluating the situation.

Morrisey wrote, “President Biden’s cognitive decline is one of great concern to Americans, especially during these times that our nation is facing crisis after crisis both here and abroad. We need a president who is mentally fit.”

The West Virginia Attorney General is one of seven Republicans running for Governor in his state’s May 14 Primary Race.

His letter comes just four days after Special Counsel Robert Hur exonerated Biden of mishandling classified documents, painting him as an “elderly man with poor memory” that no jury would ever convict.

The report was released after a long investigation into the mishandling of classified documents when Biden served as Vice President, which were found at both his old office and his private Delaware home.

Morrisey noted that the report “paints a clear picture of a President who is not up for the job.”

Passed by Congress in 1965, the 25th Amendment was put in place to help clarify Presidential succession following the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The amendment also includes verbiage that allows the Vice President and the Cabinet to remove a President from office if they’re deemed physically incapable.

Although the power has never been used in the past, it was proposed by some anti-Trump critics after the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol in 2021, including people like former Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

McCarthy eventually dismissed the idea, claiming that it would not provide a quick enough solution.

Biden defends his cognitive health

After Hur’s report was released, Joe Biden followed it with a news conference where he attempted to defend himself.

But Biden got angry with reporters and ended up portraying himself as an angry old man rather than a strong world leader.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris claimed that the report was politically motivated.

Morrisey’s letter to Harris made note of several instances that he called missteps by Biden.

One of the missteps Morrisey mentioned was when the President “fell asleep during the COP26 climate change conference, only to come home and implement extremist measures from the event he napped at.”

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