This Republican Governor is ramping up his state’s border security and you won’t believe which state it is

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We all know we have major problems with illegals entering the southern border. States like Texas, Florida, and Arizona are bearing the brunt of this invasion.

But sometimes, illegals enter the United States in other areas and by other means, and it is not getting the attention it deserves.

And now one Republican Governor is getting ready to ramp up his state’s border security, but you won’t believe which state he governs.

New Hampshire is ramping up border patrol

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu is frustrated by what he says is a complete lack of support given to him by the Biden administration.

Now, the Governor has decided to take matters into his own hands to protect his state’s northern border with Canada.

This week, Sununu said that he plans to use $1.4 million of the state’s current budget funding to increase patrols by state and local law enforcement tenfold.

The extra enforcement would be located along the state’s 58-mile-long border. 

Issues at the U.S. southern border with Mexico are overshadowing similar problems at the northern border.

According to Sununu, “There have been more apprehensions along our northern border in just this past year than in the last ten years combined. Encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list at the ports of entry on the northern border have doubled since 2017.”

He also warned that there are “national security implications to securing the northern border that are becoming more and more obvious every day.”

Sununu was accompanied by New Hampshire State Attorney General John Formella and state law enforcement leaders at a press conference at the statehouse.

The group said that it is “made very clear to us” by those on the front lines of the border “that we do need more targeted resources. We need to provide an all-hands-on-deck approach.”

Following the statements, Sununu and Formella announced the creation of the Northern Border Alliance Task Force.

This new task force will be a partnership between state, county, and local law enforcement as well as forest rangers and Fish and Game officers to increase border patrol hours from approximately 55 per month to closer to 10,000 hours over the next 18 months.

Sununu criticizes the Biden administration

Chris Sununu is an open critic of the Biden administration, and he made it a point to call out Washington during the press conference.

“We asked the federal government for help. We’ve been denied. There’s nothing that’s come from the federal government. No additional efforts out of the federal government,” he said.

A former Governor and senior member of New Hampshire’s all-Democrat congressional delegation, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, visited the border last month on a “fact-finding” trip.

Shaheen said she would address the issues at the border and would provide more funding, but she also criticized Sununu.

According to Shaheen’s press secretary Ty McEachern, “Time and time again, the Governor has neglected to fully utilize the money our delegation has provided New Hampshire.”

Perhaps even more blunt was Sebastian Fuentes, political director for Rights & Democracy NH, who said that the decision to discuss the issue was a “manufactured crisis,” and a “political stunt.”

But Sununu retorted, saying, “I laugh at anyone who tries to criticize us when we’re the only ones actually doing anything and taking the issue seriously.”

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