This openly racist law school might cost the university federal funding

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Woke indoctrination in schools is rampant everywhere, but it’s usually at its worst in colleges and universities.

And while the courts keep telling universities to stop classifying and recruiting students on the basis of race, DEI programs keep ignoring these rulings.

Now this law school’s blatantly racist DEI policies threaten its federal funding and could have the program defending itself in court.

Law school could lose funding over DEI push

The University of Wisconsin Law School is under threat of losing federal funding and may also need to defend itself in a lawsuit.

The school has allegedly started to promote discrimination against students of a certain racial background.

UW Law is requiring its first-year students to participate in a “reorientation” session that pushes the idea of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” or DEI.

But the decision could put the university under the microscope thanks to a proposal from House Appropriations Committee member Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), who wants to cut federal funding to universities that force DEI on its students.

Aside from that proposal, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) also hinted that it plans to sue UW Law for “pushing racist ideology on law students.”

According to WILL, “It would be one thing if the law school proposed an academic debate about such matters,” but the “broader implications” from a Supreme Court ruling against racial preference in college admissions means that the DEI training violates federal law.

Not only that, but it “creates a racially hostile environment” and harms “individual student dignity,” according to WILL.

Associate counsel and UW law graduate Skylar Croy said they are “still reviewing [their] options” when asked whether or not a suit was forthcoming.

He also said that WILL has repeatedly sued the Biden Administration “to promote true equality for all and end race-based discrimination.”

But according to Croy, the SCOTUS ruling has “opened a new legal landscape that we are taking full advantage of.”

An anti-woke medical advocacy group called Do No Harm dismissed its lawsuit against a peer-reviewed academic journal for a “health equity fellowship” after over a year in court claiming that it did not specifically include whites.

However, the authors of the journal claimed that whites were never excluded in practice.

Meanwhile, Rep. Andy Harris has suggested legislation in response to his alma mater and former employer, Johns Hopkins University Medical School, after the school refused to punish Chief Diversity Office Sherita Hill Golden.

Golden sent an official email demeaning several groups, calling them “privileged,” which included males, whites, Christians, and heterosexuals.

According to the school, the language Golden used “contradicts” its values, but they also said she “has sincerely acknowledged this mistake and retracted the language used in the message.”

The indoctrination is real

The mandatory training at UW Law includes documents about “28 common racist attitudes and behaviors that indicate a detour or wrong turn into white guilt, denial, or defensiveness” and a “race timeline worksheet.”

Students must fill out the worksheet and include at least seven “significant life events around race.”

According to one anonymous UW Law student, these types of programs “make me feel as if I cannot speak openly in my classes, nor with my peers” and that they shame students for “not choos[ing] my friends by the color of their skin.”

For now, it remains to be seen whether woke programs like this are given a pass, while the schools promoting them continue to receive federal dollars.

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