This one New York lawmaker is blocking a law to protect store workers from violent shoplifters

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

Thanks to Soros-backed District Attorneys, it’s open season on retail stores in major cities.

Liberal lawmakers refuse to do anything to stop rampant theft, and as a result, stores are being closed and consumers can’t get the products they need.

Now some business owners in New York City are saying it’s “open season” on retail workers thanks to the decision of one seriously unhinged lawmaker. 

Big Apple business owners are fuming

Business owners in New York City are seething with anger after state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie refused to increase criminal penalties for violent shoplifters.

Some of the business owners are so angry that they say now, “It’s open season on retail workers.”

Heastie (D-Bronx) caused massive outrage when he shut down Governor Kathy Hochul’s plan to impose tougher sentences on the criminals last week.

Strangely, Heastie’s response to the proposal was, “I just don’t believe raising penalties is ever a deterrent of crime.”

Nelson Eusebio, head of the National Supermarket Association and Coalition to Save our Supermarkets, said, “How do you deter crime except by penalty? Our workers are on the front line dealing with shoplifters and criminals. It’s open season on retail workers in the city.”

One CVS employee on the Upper East Side said, “What can you do? Nobody wants to deal with it,” referring to the extreme spate of criminal violence going on throughout the city.

The CVS store now has to “lock up even the low-price products because of the quantity” of goods that are being stolen during criminal rampages. 

The worker added, “They’re not taking one or two [items], they’re taking the whole shelf. Now the items get locked up, and the people don’t.”

That same CVS location witnessed a hammer-wielding shoplifter who smashed several windows and a 37-year-old employee’s hand in November, and now the store is slated to close this May.

Retail theft in New York City is up overall by more than 6.5%, or 14,910 separate incidents this year compared to the same time in 2023 when 13,987 incidents were reported, according to the most recent crime stats from the NYPD. 

Governor Hochul has called for a crackdown on the spate of retail thefts, which she said could be costing retailers in the state $4.4 billion a year.

The Governor also said she wants to increase the penalties for criminals who go after employees, but Heastie has refused to back the plan.

Heastie claims lawmakers shouldn’t do anything about criminal sentencing

According to Heastie, lawmakers should have no say when it comes to how criminals are sentenced, a major point of contention as lawmakers negotiate the budget for the entire Empire State.

“If you just keep dealing with the penalties, what happens after people get arrested? You’re still only worrying about what happens after something has already happened,” he said.

Ex-Governor David Patterson weighed in on the issue, saying, “It’s like a revolving door – there’s no opportunity for any type of rehabilitation, there’s no opportunity for contrition with the parole board.”

Patterson added that Heastie is a “very good friend” of his and that he would like to “have this conversation with him one-to-one.”

Francisco Marte, President of New York’s Bodega and Small Business Association, told the New York Post that he is “disappointed but not surprised” by Heastie’s comments.

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