This murderer is going to be the guinea pig on this new form of execution

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Trying to execute a violent killer has become very difficult.  The manufacturer of the lethal drug cocktail that had been used for years quit making it, and other combos have proven to be problematic.

The problem is that the US Supreme Court has found most of the methods used over the years to be unconstitutional. 

But Alabama is set to execute a murderer with a new experimental method that has many Americans on edge. 

Criminals run the streets

If you could think of one issue that defines the past several years for this nation, most people would say it’s the influx of crime. 

But just the brazen acts and frequency of crime today is increasing the resolve of many Americans to ensure that criminals are punished justly.

Too many criminals have no fear of repercussions from breaking the law. 

Today people steal, murder, and rape without remorse and without even comprehending what will happen to them if they’re caught. 

Because they know odds are the worst thing that will happen to them is that they will get thrown into a jail cell for a couple years and come out of jail with a free college education and a good story to tell when they get out. 

And nowadays, few criminals are actually put to death for their heinous crimes. 

So they don’t care what happens to them when they commit a crime as they’re not going to pay with their life, even if they might have committed a few murders. 

And it’s just a far cry from where we used to be. 

Back in the day, sheriffs had to catch criminals before the local men in the community because they would end up killing the criminal before they would get arrested. 

And when we did put criminals to death, states didn’t have to worry about forty different legal lawsuits to make sure that the criminal was executed in a humane and safe manner. 

Now you have inmates that die of old age in prison before they actually hit the electric chair because of all the legal challenges against capital punishment. 

But it looks like Alabama may finally be setting the new bar for how to make capital punishment possible again.

Alabama is putting all criminals on notice

Wednesday of last week, the Alabama Supreme Court gave the green light for the state to try a new method of capital punishment. 

Murderer Kenneth Eugene Smith killed Elizabeth Sennett back in 1988 and has been sitting in a jail cell ever since. 

But now he is about to meet his maker thanks to nitrogen asphyxiation, which has never been tried as a mode of capital punishment in the world. 

As Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall told the press:

Elizabeth Sennett’s family has waited an unconscionable 35 years to see justice served. Today, the Alabama Supreme Court cleared the way for Kenneth Eugene Smith to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia,” Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

Hopefully everything goes well on the first try for Smith. 


If not, there is an abundance of nitrogen to try again, thanks Mother Nature.

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