This movie shocked audiences because it showed what might happen in America very soon

Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels

Good movies often are a mirror into the future.  

While most of what comes out of Hollywood is leftist drivel, occasionally a film comes out that really strikes home and makes people think.

This movie was just released and shocked audiences were left stunned thinking “this might actually happen,” and the movie doesn’t paint a pleasant picture.

Civil War film makes its debut

The new action drama Civil War just premiered it the South by Southwest Film & TV Festival, and viewers were left in shock.

It focuses on modern-day America and how a civil war would play out on American soil.

Written and directed by Alex Garland, the movie depicts a dystopian future where the U.S. is torn apart under the authoritarian rule of a three-term president, played by actor Nick Offerman.

The plot follows a journalist, played by Kirsten Dunst, and her colleagues as they move across a hostile landscape intending to interview the President.

Garland is also known for his film 28 Days Later, which focuses on an incurable virus that turns the population into zombies.

In Civil War, the enemy is civilian soldiers who are found at every turn as Dunst and her cohorts move across the landscape. 

Some people have found the timing of the film interesting, as it gears up to be released during a tense election year.

But the concept isn’t too far from becoming a reality — a 2022 poll by YouGov and the Economist revealed that 40% of Americans said they believe a civil war is “at least somewhat likely in the next 10 years.”

Those who had a chance to see the film were left in shock as many of them took to the social media platform X to post their reviews.

One user wrote, “Alex Garland’s CIVIL WAR: I’m speechless. A horrific tale. A journalism tale. An American tale, well-told. #SXSW”

Another said, “Alex Garland’s CIVIL WAR is an absolute f—ing MASTERPIECE. A riveting, unflinching, visceral cautionary tale that’s scary as hell. Watching it, one can’t help but feel how close we are to this actually happening, making it a MUST SEE to stop it before it actually does.”

A thought-provoking film

According to Garland, he wrote the film four years ago and sent it to A24, who replied, “Yup, all good,” which Garland said was surprising.

He also noted that it was a “brave film to finance” and said the movie is “intended to be a conversation. It’s not asserting things. You want to leave space for people to bring themselves to the conversation. It’s important that it was a two-way street.”

Another X user who attended the premiere wrote, “Um… Alex Garland’s Civil War is incredible. A true knockout. The movies I want to compare it to will force an overhype situation, so I’ll just leave it at that. One of the most engrossing movies I’ve seen in years. Godd—.”

Even actress Kirsten Dunst was left stunned after leaving the theater, saying, “I need a second. I had never read a script like this and I had never seen a film like this.”

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